Guest Post: 9 Powerful ‘AMWF Superman’ Photos to ‘Save’ Your Day

Enjoy this powerful AMWF Superman photo collaboration by Ana Hudson, a new model and photographer hitting the scene. This is part of her portfolio titled “Project Justice”, the first of many more photoshoots like this to come.

She was inspired to contact me by my open call for photos of AMXF (Asian male, non-Asian female) couples. (Incidentally, that open call helped me gather enough photos to publish a January post of 25 More Stunning Photos of Western Women & Asian Men Who Got Married or Engaged)

But Ana offered something different — to share her own work photographing couples in the community.

Next month, Ana will be submitting another superhero shoot. What superhero would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

In love, we are enthralled and never entitled. We screen the world with our sight- we see opportunities and claim them. We are wise beyond words, we know how to know.

We don’t let rules define us. They make lines for us, but we violently blur them. We float on the skies as their eyes burn is misery. We stand powerful, even against Kryptonite.

The world softens as love glows between us. We pave wonders for the world to witness- we shall love and conquer to set an example for the future. Love will save the day.

Models: Justin Zhang, fitness coach and Youtuber ” (IG: NoobStrength) and
Angelina Bower, beautiful fashion model (IG: musicloveandlies)
Photographer: Ana Hudson (WhiteChocolatePlayer)

If you are an AMXF couple in the Los Angeles area, Ana Hudson would love to offer you a free/donations accepted photoshoot. To find out more information about planning a photoshoot you can reach her at [email protected]

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