6 Stunning Celebrity Couples of Asian Men & Non-Asian Women

Award-winning journalist and Univision anchor Ilia Calderon, with husband Eugene Jang.
Award-winning journalist and Univision anchor Ilia Calderon, with husband Eugene Jang. (photo by Johnny Louis)

Every week, the entertainment mags churn out list after list of swoon-worthy celebrity and Hollywood couples. But these couples are almost always white…and I can’t remember the last time, if ever, that I’ve seen a single couple of Asian men and non-Asian women on their lists.

If my Pinterest board with real-life couples of Chinese men and Western women has taught me anything, it’s that the community of Asian men and non-Asian women in love is bigger than I ever expected — with plenty of beautiful faces. So it’s no surprise that our community includes some stunning celebrities and their equally stunning partners. Don’t they deserve a little love for once?

Move over, Brangelina! Here are six dazzling couples that could turn heads on the red carpet, while showing the world how lovely it is when Asian men and non-Asian women get together.

Sandra Denton and Tom Lo

Sandra first rocked our world as “Pepa” from the rap group Salt-N-Pepa, and now she has rocked the interracial dating world by choosing to date Tom Lo (as part of her 2010 reality show Let’s Talk About Pep). Was it romance or just reality TV? Are they still a thing? I have no idea. But they sure make one handsome Blasian couple, don’t they?

Diane Farr and Seung Yong Chung

(photo by John Solano Photography)
(photo by John Solano Photography)

Who says that Asian men can’t land babelicious former MTV hosts? Seung Yong Chung (who is tall and handsome himself) snagged the lovely actress Diane Farr, best known for her roles on Numb3rs and Rescue Me (as well as a stint hosting MTV’s Loveline). Their relationship and marriage became the heart of Diane’s outstanding memoir on interracial dating, Kissing Outside the Lines.

Grant Imahara and Jennifer Newman

Grant Imahara of Mythbusters and his girlfriend Jennifer Newman
(photo via Twitter, @Jennernugen)

You know Grant from Mythbusters. Even if he’s the geekiest guy on this list (he’s one of the official operators for Star Wars’ R2-D2 and helped engineer the Energizer Bunny), he looks awesome in a tux and would make my shortlist of hottest electrical engineers any day. Put him together with his lovely blonde girlfriend Jennifer Newman (a self-proclaimed “robot girl”) and you have a couple that could turn heads almost anywhere.

Will Yun Lee and Jennifer Birmingham


Actor Will Yun Lee (best known for his TV roles in Witchblade and Bionic Woman and on-screen roles for Die Another Day, Elektra and The Wolverine)  was named one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive in 2007. His wife Jennifer Birmingham, a Hollywood actress as well, looks like a natural on the red carpet. Together, they make one stunning AMWF (Asian Male, White Female) couple. If the Academy handed out Oscars for most gorgeous couple in the business, I’m sure these two could nab a nomination!

Julia Stegner and Steven Pan


Could this gorgeous German supermodel and her handsome boyfriend Steven (a fashion photographer) make interracial dating between Asian men/non-Asian women a little more “en vogue”? They’ve already landed in a Vogue spread and could easily rock the magazine’s cover. The camera clearly loves them both!

Ilia Calderon and Eugene Jang


Award-winning Colombian journalist Ilia Calderon is the striking anchor for Univision’s Noticiero Univision: Edicion Nocturna (so hot, she’s listed on the site TV anchor babes) — and also the wife of Eugene Jang, a physical therapist who is quite the looker himself. They fell in love at first sight, and look lovely together on the red carpet!

Who do you think are the most stunning couples of Asian men and non-Asian women? Who would you put on your list?

P.S.: To see more celebrity couples, visit my Pinterest board featuring celebrity couples of Chinese men and Western women.

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41 Replies to “6 Stunning Celebrity Couples of Asian Men & Non-Asian Women”

  1. I didn’t know any of those couple tbh xD’
    My personal fav AMWF couple is Liu Ye and Anais Martane. As I’m a big fan of that actor I was really surprised when I discovered that his wife is actually French 😀 I think they look gorgeous together.

  2. @Sveta, that’s great you have Diane’s book! I enjoyed it and hope you will too!

    @Marta and Aldona, well, I guess “celebrity” depends on your perspective! Sandra and her group Salt-N-Pepa was huge back in the 80s/90s in the US. Diane made a name for herself on MTV in the late 90s and later on popular US TV shows in the 2000s. The Mythbusters show, which includes Grant Imahara, is hugely popular in the US (my dad even loves it). Will Yun Lee is famous for his roles in some Hollywood movies and US TV shows. Julia’s a supermodel — but there are obviously a lot of supermodels out there. And Ilia works for one of the top Spanish-language TV channels based in the US. Again, it’s all about what pop culture and media you happen to tune into — and admittedly, a lot of these people would be more known in the US.

    @Vince and Andi, thanks!

  3. What about Kelvin Han Yee and his stunning wife?!?!? I think this article missed quite a few stunning Asian and Non Asian Celebrity couples!

  4. Hi Jocelyn,

    just want to share this beautiful video. Who knows, it could serve as your “material” for your next article.

  5. I’ll add two more!

    Arthel Neville is married to Taku Hirano. She’s a host for Fox News (*sad face*) and he’s a jazz musician.

    Kelly Coffield and Steve Park met on the set of In Living Color. I think she’s now on The Good Wife and he was on Elementary.

  6. Unfortunately this is pretty much confined to this blog…still a lot of racist white women and in Boston too! And not confined to hard core racists such as some in the American tea party…for I bet this white female voted for Obama…


    “Oh and what are we white women supposed to do now then, that you’re like, totally dating all the white guys? Are we supposed to like, go for your men? No offense, but they’re like kinda short and nerdy and not very hot. I mean they’re perfect for you, you’re like made for each other, but white men kind of like, belong to us.”

    1. Dude, the WMAW phenomenon has underlying social problems associated with gendered racism and the blind worship of white people by Asians, and the article you refer to is clearly satire designed to address these problems. The author is actually pretty funny and, someday, I hope to marry someone just like her!

      1. gendered racism and white worship isnt something limited to asian women though… many am seeking ww also display similar white worship

        1. Why limit to races other than white. Any person who is attracted to another person due to skin color is a worshipper of that skin. If a white Irish woman from Ireland wants to marry a white male from Ireland, it is cultural compatability. But, if a white woman from Ireland says it is ok for her to date and marry a Ukrainian male of Orthodox persuasion, with whom she has no similarities other than skin color, but wont marry a Filipino catholic, then she is a racist and white skin worshipper. Unfortunately, we find many in the latter group here in the US. That is a fact of life. Similarly if a Christian Korean says it is ok for him to marry a Japanese Buddhist (there is a lot of historic and cultural animosity between them…so much so there was an article on it in yesterday’s Washington Post), but not ok to marry a white Christian person, then he is a racist and a yellow worshipper. That is a fact of life.

          1. Maybe the Filipino example was bad, they are too often obese and is generally considered amongst the least attractive men in the world. You cant force anyone top fall in love with obese men or others that they dont find attractive, i think we all know too well that western ladies have no problem loving brown muslims or hindues who are much more brown than any Filipino man. On the other hand i know Filipinos here in Europe who are quite popular among white girls, i think simply because they are not as fat as most of their contrymen. Anyway, you cant say Asian girls are racist if they dont want to marry an old white man or that Irish ladies are racist if they fail to fall in love with fat asian men.

        2. You’re right. In fact, mindless worship of white people is a pervasive cultural trait found across East Asia. This worship is not confined to the matter of romantic/sexual love, and it’s readily apparent in the privileged treatment that white people, be they male or female, receive in East Asian countries.

          However, in the context of the WMAW relationships, the focus is rightly placed upon the gendered racism that is practised by white men against Asian women and the worship of white men by Asian women.

  7. They are just rare few. Now I am really eager to date a white girl, but no clue where to find one .

    A foreign girl shines my life, I NEED A FOREIGN GIRL TO BE ME WIFE.

  8. Well it may depend on your definition of ‘celebrity’ but I’d like to add a few.

    Daniel Wu (actor) and Lisa S
    Steve Aoki (DJ) and Tiernan Cowling
    Patrick Chan (Figure skater) and Tess Johnson
    Cung Le (UFC fighter) and Suzanne Le

  9. Cute couples! Hey ladies, I’m an Asian gentleman living near DC. I’m looking to make new friends and activity partners. If we click we can take it from there.

  10. Im French and i LOVE Asian men but they dont dare to approach me 🙁
    What can i do? There is this cute Asian guy in my school but he is always with his friends and im too shy to talk to him….

    1. Hi Lisa, sounds like you might have to try and approach him. Be courageous! Perhaps you can ask him for help with something (if you have a class in common). Or is there a way for you to leave him a message (if you can find his mailbox or locker or some other place)?

      Here are a couple of articles I found on the net on approaching guys:


  11. Please don’t forget about the original Asian Man and Non-Asian Woman Couple!!!
    Bruce Lee and Linda Lee.

  12. Nice, Imaharas girlfriend is pretty. Anyway this proves what i always said, that people think Asian men cant have white girls because they are short but in reality it is only because Asian men are often fat, and most Asian women like it that way. Like in Philippines and Thailand, ladies will adore obese men in high positions, men that surely could never find even an ugly girl in a western country, the kind of men people will always label as “fat old pigs”. By far the most white girls dont have a problem with asian men as long as they are fit and not fat.

  13. AFWM is still heavily promoted by the media despite the fact that AFWM numbers has been on declining in last few years. These are the couples that racist jewish media doesn’t want white America to see.

    1. @ifwg

      Please be specific and at least say Jewish males. Why lump Jewish females into that? In fact, why bring up that stereotype once more? On TV or anywhere, I never saw a religious Jewish woman who is a heroine. Also, quite a few authors or ordinary couples are Jewish woman/Asian male. Don’t believe me? Check out some memoirs by Susan Blumberg-Kason, Tracy Slatter and Leeza Lovitt. Quite a few commentators on here are Jewish women, and yes, I’m one of them, and yes I am dating an Asian male, and have dated them in the past. Also, a lot of us have our own blogs where we post either positive experiences with dating, or on mine, I seek out positive AMWF literature and read and review it, thus its not fair to lump all of us in one category when some of us, in our own ways, are trying to battle out the negative images of Asia and Asian men.

  14. “AFWM numbers has been on declining in last few years.”

    Actually AFBM couples have been increasing during the past two decades.

  15. You left the most famous examples instead you listed these people who are unknowns.

    Anna Klumsky child actress of My Girl married a Chinese American guy. Also, super hot Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu and his Jewish American wife Lisa S.

  16. Wow..
    Nice post!Some very interesting examples quoted. Nice to discover Asian Men and Non-Asian Women Celebrities as couples in the entertainment biz.. Keep posting and keep sharing 🙂

  17. Problem with Asian men is that they are not dominant. It is just a natural attribute in the animal world that the dominant male usually has the advantage, better preys, better females, more territory and power, and obviously if not descendent of animals, we are at least genetically similar to them and we unconsciously behave similarly. It is not about height, skin color, face proportions, it is about social awareness. Asian men shyness, which is highly influenced by the culture, and look at how Steve Pan unconsciously poses, he should be posing facing the camera and the girl should be posing sideways, this is how you show value and this is how most pairs unconsciously pose. The problem is in the psyche of Asian men, they don’t behave in a way that is attractive to the female, and even these examples of Asian men most girls are not pretty, honestly, most of these girls can be categorized as either nerdy girls, Asian fantasy freaks or wannabes. I don’t think it is an stereotype problem but a social-psychological one. Asian guys need to trigger the attraction to Western girls, this is how it works. On this list, the only person I think has successfully attracted Western females is Will Yun Lee, but obviously this guy is quite successful in Hollywood, has a good body build, and unconsciously you can see he poses well, which means he acts as a high value male in real life. Women are attracted to “manish” men naturally, otherwise they would be gay…

  18. OMG, Ilia Calderon is absolutely gorgeous! Yeah, I’d be really intimidated if I were in an AMBF relationship with someone looking like her or someone like a young Marilyn McCoo….:)

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