AMWF In Other Words: 7 More Inspiring Ways To Spell The Acronym

What does AMWF really mean? I’ve spelled it out as  “Asian Male, Western Female” in the tagline of this website. But with a little imagination, you’ll find more than one way to say it — including some rather inspiring phrases. Here are 7 of mine:

#1: A Marriage With Fortune


#2: A Most Wonderful Future



#3: A Magical Wedding Fairytale



#4: Ask Me What’s Fun

Picture 462


#5: All Men Want Freedom (to kiss!)



#6: At Midnight We’ll Fly



#7: A Miracle Will Follow

Jocelyn and Jun in the park in Tonglu's town square.

What do you think? What other ideas do you have for what AMWF means to you?

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