From the Archives: Why Would You Want To Go To China?

A stack of moving boxes
(photo by Chris Schauflinger)

It’s 31 more days until we board a flight back to China — and that means moving to-dos are starting to take over my schedule. Which is why I’m taking a break this Monday from posting and running a few posts from the archives (related, of course, to the idea of moving or moving to China). I’ll be back this Friday with some fresh content!

Why Would You Want To Go To China? When someone asked me why I wanted to go back to China, I couldn’t help wondering if it was curiosity, or something else.

On Moving: My “Too Much Stuff” And My Husband’s Little Blue Duffel Bag. One tiny blue duffel bag. That’s all my Chinese husband brought over to my apartment in Hangzhou years ago when he first moved in with me.

Ask the Yangxifu: Love and Location Dilemma With a Chinese Man. A European science graduate student loves a Chinese man, but doesn’t love the thought of sacrificing her career to live with him in China. Can they overcome location to be together?

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