Chinese Language Learning Game w/ AMWF Love Angle Needs Beta Testers

Kaitlyn in ChinalandA reader working on a fantastic new Chinese language learning game — which has a white girl with Asian male love interests in it — needs beta testers! It’s available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Here’s the description for the demo:

It’s Chinese New Year! And we’re celebrating the year of the Yang (sheep) with the first short game of Kaitlyn in Chinaland.

When the self-consumed, all-American prom queen wannabe Kaitlyn gets sent to China as a punishment, she must navigate the waters of the language, the culture shocks… and the boys.

It’s a West meets East romantic comedy about some of the pitfalls of living in China and struggling to belong.

In this short spin-off game you’ll meet the characters of the upcoming Kaitlyn in Chinaland game to learn some Chinese words, celebrate New Year and maybe find sheep along the way.

Here’s a link to the demo (you can also download it on Google Play). For more information, you can visit the Kaitlyn in Chinaland Tumblr or check out this post in a forum that talks about the game.

20 Replies to “Chinese Language Learning Game w/ AMWF Love Angle Needs Beta Testers”

  1. That sounds so much fun! Thank you for letting us know about this opportunity to learn Chinese and explore the Chinese culture. I will definitely give it a try.

  2. Uhm this sounds like working extra hours because I am actually working as a game tester apart from translator hahaha! But I will give it a try 😉

  3. I am glad this kind of nonsense isn’t mainstream. We can’t let the females in our society think that it is alright to love Chinese guys. It is not. Chinese guys are dirty and uncivilised. They are unable to comprehend basic human principles like freedom of speech and pollution because they come from a dictatorial country with absolutely no human rights and thousands of people disappear daily never to be seen again. China is a country where the government forces its people to listen to daily party vitriol at precisely 6am in the morning and routinely kills anyone who thinks otherwise, no wonder Chinese men are like mindless robots. I would get out of there if I were you.

    I am glad that Chinese women are more intelligent, which is why they marry western men for a higher status and to live in a FREE society.

    1. This is the most racist and insensitive thing I’ve read all day. I pity the woman who has to put up with you.

    2. Hi troll, It is well known that lot of asian girls marry you for passport, and you guys marry them for tight pussy. From the nonsense you have said here, it is clear that you and your wife deserve each other, so good luck living together. LOL

    3. Even with a troll, there’s an opportunity to educate.

      So people, I’m going to teach you how to troll properly and show you where this poor soul went wrong.

      First of all, if you’re going to be inflammatory, you’ve got to expect some scrutiny, right? So you have to avoid appearing unintelligent… If you’re too ignorant sounding, people won’t take you seriously and they’ll just talk about your writing style. It’s dreadful. It detracts from your message. You don’t want that.

      Second, make sure you do things like follow basic logic. E.g. If a whole country of people are living under the boot of an oppressive government, then their condition of dirtiness and lack of civilization couldn’t be fairly said to be inherent to them.

      Third, you might want to do a little tiny bit of reading. Just a teensy bit. Strenuous as it may be, you could learn cool things like the difference between a nationality and ethnicity! Hmm, I wonder which civilization is the longest continuing civilization on Earth?

      Well thanks all, now you too can troll better!
      BAP Blog,

      Was that guy maybe just a little racist or was it just me?

  4. Hey Moonshine. I guess you are a fellow admirer/ lover of Chinese girls also. Don’t you just love their femininity compared to Western women who tend to appear to be more masculine? I just love them so much especially their slim bodies. Western women tend to gain weight fast and wrinkle around the face and eyes prematurely. Yes, they are intelligent also.

    As for Chinese men whom I do not know much about, I am not certain if your views of them are correct when you wrote so much negative attributes about them be dirty and uncivilized. I do agree though that I know of no white women in my circle of family and friends here in the American southwest who are in relations with any Asian or Chinese men. Perhaps you are right and perhaps this is why I see very few white girls in my area paired up with Asian boys. Then again maybe you are wrong. Who knows?

    I would recommend that you not focus on spewing negative things about the Chinese men and concentrate on getting yourself a slim and sexy China doll just as I have done. Then your life will be much happier. So, good luck to you.

    1. Glad to hear more positive views on Chinese women, you forgot that they tend to be more submissive too and they know how to treasure a good catch (us) when they see one. I am currently working in Hong Kong, so I would think that I can claim to have observed both Chinese genders to make an accurate depiction. It always puzzles me how distinct both genders are and I am not talking about differences that can be ascribed to culture or upbringing. For starters, Chinese women are always more intelligent and better civilised in behaviour compared to Chinese men, characteristics I just can’t put my finger on.

      My criticisms of Chinese men stem from a need to portray true facts based on empirical evidence. Being a former student of the social sciences, I can’t for my life comprehend how nonsense like the ones propagated on this site exist to confuse people in the face of insurmountable evidence. Face it, Chinese men are inferior to all other races in the physical department, looks department, character, intelligence et al. A simple collation of statistics would show that Western men get the women and the high-paying jobs ahead of Chinese men even in their own playing ground like Hong Kong, that’s hard facts for you. Its fine that people like the author of this blog choose to live in a delusional world, but it is not alright to spread lies, can you imagine what would happen if Western girls think it is alright to love Chinese men?

      I would certainly be looking to get that model Chinese wife, I just don’t know which one to take when every perfect girl in Hong Kong throws themselves upon you. How did you manage to make your choice when you have the pick of every eligible girl of the Chinese race?

  5. @Rix Moonshine and @Manny, troll alerts…if I was a gamer, I really would love to test the game. Does it only feature Mandarin or can it feature Cantonese language?

  6. @Rix Moonshine and @Manny, also the way you guys objectify and talk about Chinese women in your post is disturbing and disgusting…If you aren’t happy here, then you have a choice of leaving this blog alone. No one here is forcing you to read or to post comments. There are plenty of AFWM websites all over the Internet that would be all too happy to talk about women they way you guys choose to.

    But I and others love this blog and love Jocelyn’s posts about her life and thoughts. She helped us dozens of times with problems or solutions and advice as well as helping us navigate these inter cultural and interracial relationships.

    Although appearances capture our attention, its the personality that will keep us tied to someone. If you were to ask me about someone I like, I would mention and describe their personality first before even mentioning that he is from an Asian country; all Manny does with his girlfriend is emphasize that she is a sweet China doll, which sounds status seeking to me, and @Rix Moonshine, you sound narcissistic, biased and arrogant and why are you so insecure and afraid? Why care whom non-Asian girls love if you are going to go for an Asian woman anyways?

    1. Because Nazi punks believe that western women are nothing but properties of western men, they are so scared to see others take their “properties ” away from them

  7. Rix,

    If you hate asian/chinese men so much, why do you have to go to HK for a job? What an idiot! The only delusional person here is you! I dare you to say such opinions in public when you’re HK. If you say such false information in front of me, I really don’t know what kind of monster I’ll turn into. You mean you’re the only person in this whole has issue ? I have lots of issues that I don’t even want to mention here. What you’ve said here really tell us alot about you . You “assume” that white men make more money than asian men but data shows exactly the opposite..You assume too much but data proves you wrong. Do a google search you idiot! In another 10 -20 yrs, new data will bury your delusional ass!!

  8. And except for imcome, Black men beat white men in all the other aspects of “masculinity” he cites. He’s bragging that, acccording to his criteria, he’s Number 2.

  9. Jocelyn said that some Nazi groups are angry at her, I guess that’s why they send Rix Moonshine here to troll

  10. I dunno, while Rix is clearly trolling here, it appears to me that he might actually be a POC putting on a satirical caricature of the typical white racist.

    In any case, his suggestion that Asian men and white women should not get together is not completely devoid of merit. The suggestion, however, should probably be broadened to advise that Asians and white people of both genders stay away from one another. If an Asian man simply cannot resist the attraction of white women, he should at least try to ensure that his woman is from Europe, preferably Dutch or German. Stay away from Americans and their lower IQs.

  11. And my original positive post remains unaffected by my long winded lesson (above comment).

    This is a cool idea, and it’s charming. But then, I’m an Asian guy looking at a story about falling for Asian guys! Of course it’s charming!

    Really though, we need media like this to change the dominant perspective of white women and Asian men as partners.

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