Coronavirus ‘Signs’ of the Times: Public Service Posters Seen in Beijing

First came the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, epidemic, followed by a flurry of public service announcements and posters. These posters in particular have become an ubiquitous part of the daily landscape I pass through between the office (just a 10-minute walk away) and home.

Previously, I shared with you my 11 tips for preparing for a coronavirus outbreak in your neighborhood.

Some of you might also be wondering, what kinds of things are the authorities recommending here to the public? I’m sharing a number of the public service posters I’ve encountered during my walk to the office and home, which give you a visual look at some of the advice we’ve received.

(Note: The advice below does recommend wearing masks, something we are all required to do here whenever we go out; however the WHO does not encourage everyone to wear masks.)

This poster, on the door to my building of residence, outlines six major things people should do to help prevent infections of the novel coronavirus. Clockwise, from top left, they are: Wash your hands regularly, eat cooked foods, wear a mask, don’t go to crowded places, drink more water, do regular ventilation.

This poster outlines four things offices can do to prevent the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, listed on the little white square in the poster. They are, from top: Wear masks, maintain good hand hygiene, regularly open windows for ventilation, keep objects clean.

This poster focuses on six things to be aware of during office meetings, listed in the small rectangular area in white characters. Clockwise from top left, they are: wear masks, bring your own cups, maintain distance, shorten the time, open windows for ventilation, disinfect after the meeting.

This poster introduces five principles for prevention of the novel coronavirus in elevators:

  1. Wear a mask during the entire ride
  2. Reduce touching or contact as much as possible
  3. Using the stairs is recommended for those on a lower floor
  4. When more people are present, they should ride the elevator in turns
  5. Stand a meter apart while waiting to ride the elevator

What guidance have you seen or heard in your area regarding coronavirus outbreaks?

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