My essay will appear in anthology of “True Stories of Expat Women in Asia”

How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit?

Exciting news! My essay will appear in the forthcoming anthology How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit: True Stories of Expat Women in Asia edited by Shannon Young and published by Signal 8 Press. Our publication date is June 10, 2014, which is coming up soon!

My personal essay is titled “Huangshan Honeymoon” and centers on a rather unusual kind of vacation for newlyweds in China — one where my husband’s father-in-law came along for the ride! Why did we bring his father on the trip? And, more importantly, how did this journey change my relationship with his father, a man who once counseled his son not to date foreign women? Find out when you read “Huangshan Honeymoon” in this forthcoming anthology.

Want another reason to check out How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit: True Stories of Expat Women in Asia? The many fantastic contributing writers, including some names you just might recognize:

Plus, the anthology has received glowing blurbs from two of my favorite writers:

How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit is an eclectic, soulful collection of stories by badass women who have adventured far out of their comfort zones. Full of candid observations about travel, language, food, self and other, it’s a book for anyone who has ever felt peripheral, upside down, culturally shocked or inspired. In other words, a book for all of us.”
Rachel DeWoskin, author of Foreign Babes in Beijing, Repeat After Me, Big Girl Small, and Blind.

“A unique and inspiring collection of voices that calls up all the wonder, fascination, challenges, disorientation, and delights faced by women expats throughout Asia. I was moved by the breadth of experiences included in this anthology at the same time that I fell in love with one thread running throughout: how the expatriate journey takes us away from ourselves and then ultimately delivers us back, richer, wiser, and even more aware of how our own identities fit within our wide, wide world.”
Tracy Slater, author of The Good Shufu: A Wife in Search of a Life Between East and West.

I’ll keep you posted on the forthcoming publication of How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit. In the meantime, you can follow the anthology on Facebook.

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15 Replies to “My essay will appear in anthology of “True Stories of Expat Women in Asia””

  1. Sounds like a very rather unusual honeymoon but as we all know, something different usually means eventful which always makes for an interesting read!!

    June 10th is a great day in my books! I met my husband on that date and we were married on that date as well (different years, of course;) )!!

  2. The title is the punch! What an idea! It is enough with dragonfruit, a little know fellow. What to wear to buy it? Haha! Brilliant! Congrats that your contribution too will be published, Jocelyn!

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