Speaking of China wants your love stories and other guest posts


Ever since 2011, you’ve made Speaking of China even more fantastic by sharing your stories about love, family and relationships in China as well as AMWF relationships.

I’m looking for more amazing love stories and other guest posts for this site, and I’d love to run yours.

Interested? Head on over to my new Submit a post page, which will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about doing a guest post for Speaking of China.

You can either submit your love stories (love found or love lost) or write up a guest post on anything that fits the scope of this blog. (To make it easier for guest posters, you’ll find links to the guest posts I’ve already published — which might just inspire your own approach.) Also, check out the new guidelines for EVERY guest post, an essential rundown on what to keep in mind for your submissions.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your guest post today and get featured on Speaking of China!

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16 Replies to “Speaking of China wants your love stories and other guest posts”

  1. I really love how you contribute to AMWF community and let more people share their stories 🙂 I hope now even more people will tell join! 🙂

  2. Out of curiosity, if I decide to write something about books I read that deal with China, would those be okay? (Am thinking of writing my views about Dream of Red Chamber if it might be okay:) )

  3. Lately, the guest posts seem to have disappeared altogether. Maybe there aren’t that many stories out there anymore. Hope this is not because the number of Asian men western women stories are getting rarer and rarer.

    On the Dream of The Red Chamber, as a kid I used to hear the adults talk of the Chinese classic. There were many film adaptations of the book too. A friend who once did the English translation of the book as part of his English literature class in a Uni in the US passed it to me to read after he had finished his course and returned home. I didn’t get far with the book because I was reading law myself at the time and didn’t have much time to spare and then the book got lost when I moved to another place and I forgot about it.

    Think I need to get reacquainted. But it is a thick book and there are just too many characters. However I do like how the author wrote the classic. It is not just about a love triangle. What is intriguing is also how the author used metaphysical allusions.

    1. @ordinary malaysian, thanks for the comment! No, I don’t think it’s a lack of stories, there are just ebbs and flows in submissions on my site (one of the things I’ve learned over the years).

      And I’ll also bet that some readers don’t realize the types of posts I welcome (or that I welcome guest posts at all)! That’s one reason I revamped my page, including changing the title to “Submit a post”.

  4. I hope more Chinese men will share their stories as, if I’m not mistaken, all the stories here almost 90% come from Western women.
    Chinese guys, please make it a little bit balance

  5. I come from Beijing.
    I’m studying in Manchester and dating with a British guy.
    He’s cute, gentle, intelligent and I love him very much. We’re each other’s first.
    We are always happy together maybe because we’re still young and unable to see the tough side of intercultural relationship.
    It’s never easy. But it’s worth fighting for.

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