Featured on the Global Times: Expats Adapt to and Put Their Own Spin on Chinese New Year Purchasing

Expats adapt to and put their own spin on Chinese New Year purchasing_Global TimesThe Global Times just published an article titled Expats Adapt to and Put Their Own Spin on Chinese New Year Purchasing featuring quotes from me about my own purchases for the holiday! Here’s an excerpt:

For Jocelyn Eikenburg, a 38-year-old American who has been in China for seven and a half years, shopping for Chinese New Year is a very important annual celebration, just like Christmas.

“It’s interesting because, in some ways, the shopping culture reminds me of preparing for the Christmas season back in the US. Like Christmas, we spend a lot of time shopping for gifts  to family and friends,” said Eikenburg, who now resides in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province with her Chinese husband.

She bought all kinds of presents for her family and friends and tries to stick to the colors of the festival, even when buying foreign goods. This year, she bought a large crate of imported Spanish red wine to give as a gift. The wine bottles have a festive red label embossed with gold grape vines, and her husband’s family love drinking red wine during the holidays, so it’s a perfect gift for Chinese New Year, Eikenburg said.

Chinese traditional food and snacks are also vital to the new year tradition. Every year, Eikenburg and her husband will help the family prepare what they call miguo in the local dialect, a type of savory turnover made with rice dough and filled with vegetables.

Everyone, from her husband’s grandmother to her five-year-old niece, sits around the table rolling out the dough, filling the turnovers, and sealing them.

“It’s one of my favorite family moments from Chinese New Year, just being together with everyone to make this traditional snack,” said Eikenburg.

You can read the full article here, which includes more quotes from me. And if you love it, share it!

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  1. Congratulations on being included in the article, Jocelyn. Your favorite activity, working together on the turnovers, sounds like fun. It’s like working together to make Christmas cookies or a gingerbread house.

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