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Speaking of China on Sina Weibo/新浪微博
I'm finally on Sina Weibo/新浪微博, so what are you waiting for? Follow me. 😉

Okay, it’s taken me long enough — and a little prodding from fans — but I did it. I now have an active account on the microblogging site Sina Weibo, also known as 新浪微博 (xīnlàngwēibó). My username is speakingofchina, and you’re welcome to follow me here. Besides content from this site, I also hope to share Chinese-language news related to love, family and relationships.

I’m a complete newbie here, so I welcome any suggestions too. See you on Sina!


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9 Replies to “Follow Me On Sina Weibo”

  1. I hated sina since it not a good name to call China, it was invented by Japanese during WWII intended to use for Cina so in international meetings, Japan goes before Cina and Corea………that must be a stupid mistake

  2. r-lin,

    “Sina” is not from any Japanese word. It is originally from Arabic or Sanskrit. It’s the same root as that of “sino”.

    1. Thanks all to those who have followed me!

      @Sveta, don’t worry, I’ll still update this blog of course! I just opened a Sina Weibo account to reach people who like to get their news and content there, that’s all. So rest assured, this blog isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 🙂

    1. Hi Bill, thanks for the comment and nice to see you here! I’m posting in Chinese on Sina Weibo, just links to my content here and anything else interesting I come across on the web. It’s really just like Twitter in a lot of ways but in Chinese — so not so much that I’m putting up a new blog there, but just using it as a platform to share.

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