Introducing Yuan Fu, Our Official English-to-Chinese Translator

Yuan Fu photoA few weeks ago, I officially kicked off the Chinese version of this site with our first-ever translated post! Now it’s time to meet the man behind the translations, the person who has made it all possible — Yuan Fu.

I’ve added his official intro on the About Page:

Yuan Fu is the official English-to-Chinese translator for Speaking of China. A native of Ji’nan, China who studied abroad at Cardiff University, he has always loved languages — and this lifelong passion ultimately moved him to offer his talents to this site. When he’s not racking his brains translating posts, Yuan serves as an audit trainee for an accounting firm in Ji’nan. Someday, he hopes to work for a non-profit organization, have a workshop for creating translations and handcrafted military/building models, and also marry the Western woman of his dreams (ladies, he’s single!).

For any comments or suggestions regarding translations, you’re welcome to contact Yuan at speakingofchina(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Thanks so much to Yuan for being a part of this site! And by all means, please feel free to contact him — he’d love to hear from you.

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41 Replies to “Introducing Yuan Fu, Our Official English-to-Chinese Translator”

    1. Hi Sveta!

      Nice to meet you too! I will be more than happy to help if you are looking for a boyfriend haha:)


      1. Thanks for the offer 🙂 If you know someone who lives in Dallas Texas area and plans to live there for a long time, please let me know 😀

          1. LOL okay, let me know when you’ll move to here haha 😀 hope you’ll like Russian food, plus two cute small doggies.

        1. OK ! The Santa may give me a free ride this winter,please pick me up at your chimney. As for food, anything better than British breakfast is good haha!

          1. Hmm, I like the sound of the present. Santa wasn’t ever this nice to me 😀 What is British breakfast like?

        2. think twice before you open the first parcel this Christmas eve, danger of falling in love 🙂 British breakfast is sausage+eggs+bean sauce. lunch is fish and chips +bean sauce. dinner,never try,but I guess it’s also something with bean sauce. What about Russian food, replace the bean sauce with vodka? joke

          1. Hmm, sounds tempting 😀 especially the first parcel of gifts. Maybe I should throw caution to the wind instead of resisting the temptation. Haha nothing but bean sauce huh? Russian food will include tea, a salad or two and soup perhaps. You are welcome to drink vodka if you want 🙂 I’m not a drinker I’ll warn you.

        3. nononono, vodka will be too strong for me. Last time I went to the pub with two German. I didn’t survive the so called warm-up stage haha, and that was just beer. I guess just smelling the vodka would lay me down:) btw are you from Russia?

          1. Aww, I don’t like any kind of alcohol, and yes I did try a few things here and there, and with all I can taste alcohol. I guess I’m a pretty unusual Russian-Jewish girl. Yes, I’m from Russia, was born in Moscow, and moved to America at eight years of age. (Can’t believe that soon it will be twenty years since I lived here…) what about you? What’s your story?

        4. WOW so you speak two languages,or maybe three,plus Sabra?I also moved twice,but not as grand as from Moscow to Dallas, just from one block to the neighbouring one. I studied in the UK for 2year as an exchange student. Then I got an offer to work as a translator and an interpreter in Africa, but the country went into civil war before the contract,pity.Now I am an auditor in my hometown.I really want to work for WWF or Transparency International in the future. Let’s see what would happen.Are you a writer Sveta? You have a book review blog,do you know Jostein Gaarder? He’s my favourite foreign author:)

          1. I can speak just two languages, Russian and English, although I have some reading proficiency in Japanese and Korean (took a Japanese class years and years ago and can read some Hiragana, and I also got a little into Korean dramas and music haha, mostly indie type music and dramas would be, well, revenge and scandal :D) I actually want to be a writer, I’m often complimented on either my ideas or stories. I wrote a story for Speaking of China once, its in the Fenshou section titled “Dreams of a fairytale kiss”. I’m sorry to say that I’m unfamiliar with Jostein Gaarder 🙁 but I am familiar with some Chinese writers (read English translation of Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin,) and also read and reviewed English translation of selected blog journals by Han Han. (I also read Tale of Genji in English translation, and I’ve read some Pearl Buck books as well.)

        5. Wow, you read a lot,Sveta! I used to believe I read a lot,but now I am feeling like an illiteracy haha. You even know Cao Xueqin and Han Han! I should feel ashamed that I never read Dream of the Red Chamber:( My current reading interest is in politics and economics (mainly from newspapers and magazines),especially Chinese economic reform and corruption. Our export and investment driven economy is losing momentum and corruption is the hotbed of wealth disparity. Today, when we were shopping, I saw a woman at her 50s, barely scrapping money for a bottle of cooking oil. I felt sad because I know Rolex and Gucci is just entry–level bribery in this country. If you like scandal, please stick to our portal,full of it haha. As for revenge, hush,we will see:) If any of us disappears first from this conversation, that won’t be me, I can assure you. It’s how to “appear” in Texas that i am really concerned. Btw is your offer still open– a fairytale kiss haha.

          1. Don’t feel that way please. The guy from the fairytale kiss story introduced me to Cao Xueqin, and only few years later I started to read it. As for Han Han, on a site titled, I happened to win a collection of some of his journal entries in English, so yeah, coincidental 🙂 Some people from China told me that women are interested in Dream of Red Chamber, and not men. Men enjoy something like Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Journey to the West (haven’t read those books, but I do know what they’re about :D) I’ll try to stick around, although I’ll need someone to keep me updated on what’s going on in China. Ooh revenge huh? If you’re doling it out, its nice, but if its being done to you, its bad. Have you read Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas? My offer is still open 🙂 In case if you are looking for any AM/WF (Asian male/white female) books, let me know and I can recommend you a few I liked 😀

        6. Hi Sveta! How are you today! It’s spring,we have brilliant sunshine everyday,Yum! How is it in Dallas? I’d love to keep you updated about China,but please tell me what area you are interested in 🙂 You said you like drama, I guess living in China itself is dramatic haha. Count of Monte Cristo, sorry, another classic I never read. I only read 3 foreign classic so far, Madame Bovart, Les Confessions and the Records about Insects and that was ages ago. Yes please, AMWF, tell me your favourite one, will definitely read it after my exam 🙂

          1. The weather was actually pretty lovely here too. Went dog walking with my parents today. The two dogs I have, one is a miniature dachshund and another is a chihuahua/corgie mix, both were exhausted after the walk :p I have heard of Madame Bovary, and will be planning on reading it one day, but of the other two I’m not familiar, unless you’re referring to St. Augustine’s Confessions? And the other, Records about Insects? Who are the authors? I guess you’re also into French authors huh? That’s a rarity.Most people love British authors/writers. (There are some I like, but most of the British authors I can’t stand…and yes, that includes Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, etc. Few exceptions include JK Rowling Harry Potter books 1-4, I also like Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe and, ironically, Evelina by Fanny Burney.) If you yourself love revenge, do try Dangerous Liaisons by Choderlos DeLaclos 😀

            I haven’t read all AMWF males, but ones I did like will be The North China Lover by Marguerite Duras, and I also liked ‘Till Morning Comes by Han Suyin. I also like The Foreign Student by Susan Choi, but that one features Korean male/white female. If you’re looking for light-hearted books, try Jade Lee’s Tigress Series 🙂 I’ve actually had the privilege of meeting the author this year in February, and shocked her by bringing in the Tigress series haha.

        7. last time I asked my grandfather “how many books have you read?”
          after a few seconds, two words popped out of his mouth ” 2 tons” haha What about you Sveta? a standard swimming pool I guess! 🙂 I know miniature dachshund, it’s the spring dog on Toy Story. BTW do you watch movies? Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is my favourite,it’s really funny:) em will read The North China Lover, but still the One Man’s View of the World by Lee Kuan Yew is at the top of my reading plan, if you want to know the future,I recommend this book, seriously:)

          the Records about Insects is a record about aroud 25 insects (really interesting) and the author is Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre,he is French. les confessions is written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau,he is also French. I also read most fictions, if not all, by Jules Gabriel Verne (another French) haha just realized they are all from French it’s just coincidental! I love Harry Potter books 1-4!Everytime I think of the Gryffindor tower I feel like a cat playing yarn ball in front of a fireplace haha!

          1. Haha, a standard size of a pool. Hmm have to ask how deep it is 😀 How many books have you read by the way? Size of a standard American football field? I love Toy Story series, and just now I recalled that yeah, the spring dog was a dachshund. This weekend is the reunification of Barkaholic Symphony (my sister briefly dropped off her dog Bailey, so three dogs for the weekend, especially when one howls like a wolf if you get her started…) Does View of the World have an English translation? What is the author right about so far? The non-fiction I read include memoirs and self help books, sort of. I haven’t read philosophical books hehe.

            I read these books as a teenager. (I got into them when I was in seventh/eighth grade, middle school, shortly before 4th came out.) I did try watching a movie or two, but wasn’t a big fan of Harry Potter movie. I really didn’t like Harry Potter books 5-7. (Too long, the character did a 360 change, etc.) By the way, are there genres or books you don’t like?

        8. Emm, a football field could do if it doesn’t have a roof haha. Of course One man’s view of the world has English version,it’s actually written in English. It’s not available in Mainland China,so still on the top of my reading plan. Maybe you can find it on Amazon US. It pictures the future of every major country. It’s political economy I guess. Books and genres I dislike, well,does Oxford English Chinese dictionary count? haha I hate it. I agree with you, Harry Potter 7 sucks:) Honestly I dislike most hollywood blockbuster, the story is just so predictable. But I do like Pacific Rim as I am a mechanical nerd haha. BTW when you review a book, what’s your focus? The language or the story? I am a big fan of Yu Hua, his language is so unique! I also howl when the moon is full haha. Please say “Awoo” for me to Bailey,she will understand 🙂

          1. A football field huh? Would I measure by width or height? :p Did you actually read the whole dictionary? I didn’t even do that! If I have the time, I might check out the book. You know readers have more books than they can read though 😛 did that ever happen to you? Yeah, didn’t like the seventh book. Too many deaths, and the epilogue, oy! Don’t get me started on that…I could predict from the second book of who will be with who hehe. I’m not really into American movies, same old stories, you are right about that. Some genres I don’t like are science fiction and dystopia as well as Christian/inspirational/religious (If they are Jewish, different story) I haven’t seen Pacific Rim, sorry to say. Whenever I review the book, I tend to focus more on the language I think, as well as how the story makes me feel. I do focus on the story, especially when certain things don’t really add up. (I do comment if they didn’t on my blog.) I haven’t read Yu Hua although he does sound interesting. Have you had a chance of reading Amy Tan? If you didn’t, stay away from her please. I also read Da Chen, but was very frustrated with the only book I read by him. I did like Ailing Zhang’s Love in a Fallen City 😀 So you also turn into a werewolf huh? I’ll tell Bailey Awoo, don’t worry. (No symphony today, thank goodness!)

        9. Awoo back haha,how did Bailey respond? Is there any possibility that we can find a book that we both have read,how about snow white and seven dwarfts or Cinderella haha?

          No worry Sveta, you definitely read more than me, if you are an aquarium, I am just a soup spoon I guess 🙂 It’s so true that readers have more books than they could possibly read, especially true after I got my Kindle. I can hardly find time and the mood to finish a book since I graduated from university 🙁

          Is it true that Jewish parents spread honey on the book so their children know the book is “sweet” when they are really young? I heard this long long time ago, try to seek verification from you 🙂

          How about we start a competition, let’s see who can finish a book, say Mo Yan’s fiction first and tell the comment. I beg you can finish any book within one or two days except Oxford dictionary haha

          1. Bailey looked away actually. Hmm she might have been your spy I think. Haha, I’m sure we’ll find some books in common, just have to try. I mean, we have Harry Potter in common, so that’s a start :p Or maybe we can start a book club or something together and share our opinions about a book. (Will certainly give me an excuse to knock books back for one.)

            I don’t have a kindle, but I do have a Sony e-Reader, so yeah, I understand your pain. Which books are on your to-read by the way? Maybe we have that in common 😀

            It actually is true, but my parents never did do that. We’re from Russia, which means a lot of Jewish traditions are lost to us 🙁 A teacher told the class that when Jewish students begin to learn in school, teachers put honey on page to impart that knowledge is sweet.

            I like the competition idea, although I’d prefer to knock things from my to-read list haha instead of adding to it. Maybe a compromise of sorts? Who knows, maybe Jocelyn will decide to do our thoughts and opinions as posts :p Hey a girl can dream.

        10. oh Yeah, Bailey is our top agent, even 007 can’t compare. But a true love kiss can turn Bailey into a charming prince, so watch out!

          what’s in my kindle, wait, I wipe the dust on the screen first,haha. I have Chasing Daylight by Eugene O’ Kelly on the top,Ethnic America:a history by Thomas Swowell, I have finished one third of this one, really respect Jewish people! Also the Chinese part is very moving. My Struggle by Luo Yonghao, Luo Yonghao is perhaps the most famous English teacher in China ,not one of. Extremely funny and fat guy, I used to think Luo was in the entertainment industry rather than education haha. Incomplete Life by Yu Juan. Yu Juan was diagnosed with mammarycancer just 2years after she got her phd of economics from an elite Chinese university. She wrote this book to tell : we can take our time, don’t push yourself too hard. Yu Juan passed away in 2011 when she was 33. Others include the Life of Pi and the Time Traveller’s Wife, plus two dictionaries haha.

          How about we write a book together! You write it and I translate it!em I love this idea. I am not a professional translator,but I work hard and take every word seriously, Jocelyn can prove this 🙂

          If my parents put honey on the book page, I probably would think that the book is sticky, BBQ could work haha.

          Don’t know whether Jocelyn is interested in our thoughts. But I am sure we will appear on the Double Happiness rather than Fenshou section if you would like to be my girlfriend haha. Hey a guy can dream too 🙂

          1. Oh yeah, have to be careful of Agent Bailey (she’s a girl dog), although Apollo, another dog is a lot worse. Any noise and he’s there, staring at you with those huge brown eyes and that “feel sorry for me” look.

            How old is your Kindle by the way? Does it need to go to a museum for a further analysis 😉 I hadn’t read those authors, sorry to say, and I have a multiple list of books I want to dive in, which include, well, everyone it seems 🙂 by the way, if you have a chance, check out Takaki’s books where he writes about Asian-American history, or a multicultural history. I read some and they’re very enlightening reads. Jewish history in America actually begins in 1600s and continues further on. Does the author begin to cover Jewish history in 1600s or 1800s? On my e-reader though, books I’d like to read will be some Pearl Buck novels, Revolutionary Road, The Ghost Bride, and some long Chinese classics. Paper-wise, well too many too name, although I’d probably read Khaled Hosseini, Naomi Ragen, Anatoli Rybakov, and some Non-fiction history books.

            I like the idea of writing a book together 🙂 at least if I want to write a story involving a Chinese setting, you can help me out make it authentic 😀 Do you want to be a writer as well?

            I’d love to appear in Double Happiness section with you (Not to mention Jocelyn might link back to the comments haha) 😀 I’m pretty impressed that you know about Judaism what you know. Many don’t know about the word Sabra or putting honey on books. (BBQ sauce, interesting, but that might stain the book though haha, so how can you read it?) Are you pretty serious about the girlfriend part?

  1. Nice to meet you, Yuan Fu!
    I’m a regular reader of Joceline’s (and host writers) great posts, and I look forward to enjoying them in Chinese, too.
    Thank you for your work!

  2. Welcome, and it’s great this site is being translated. Thank you for widening the audience and contributions! Wishing I was in China right now.. Somewhere near Jocelyn…:)

  3. Been silently reading this blog lately, but I’ll join the welcoming committee and say hello to Yuan Fu. All the best brother.

  4. Welcome! I’m just a beginner, but I’ll make sure to check the Chinese versions in order to improve my level with this challenging (for me^^) and brand-new initiative here. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nuria!


      Are you learning Mandarin now? I am sure you can master this language one day. Please feel free to contact me if you need a native’s help 🙂

  5. @ Sveta

    In regards to Yuan’s suggestion that Sveta should be his girlfriend, I am in full support of you both. I say to Sveta, “You go, girl. You rock, girl. You make this Chinese boy your boyfriend and don’t stop until you get him, girl!”

    @ Yuan.

    I love the idea that you are chasing this white Southern girl called Sveta. We Southern boys love to chase girls also. All the best to you, bro.


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