Saluting Other Blogs by Non-Asian Women Who Love Asian Men


I’m continuing the celebration of International Women’s Day with a post saluting outstanding women with blogs on AMXF (Asian Male, Non-Asian Female) relationships. Woo-hoo!

As you know, I just updated my list of blogs by Western women who love Chinese men — and it’s well over 50. It’s an inclusive list, but keeping up with all of these fabulous ladies is no small task. I spent nearly a day on that post. Yes, an entire day! Still, I’m happy to do it because the women in this community rock. We have a unique perspective on life — whether that’s life in Asia, our home countries, or elsewhere in the world — and that deserves a shout-out once a year!

But I’ve come to realize we’re not the only ones with a huge community. You should have seen the many blogs I discovered just by white gals in Japan blogging about their mixed-race kids and families! And I realized that if I were to simultaneously keep up with all of the communities in Japan, Korea, India and beyond…well, my head was spinning at the thought.

So here’s the deal — to keep things simple here, I’m highlighting the major AMXF blogs in the community authored by women in this post. They’ve attracted a decent following, fill an important niche, or are written by prominent women (including authors). Either way, chances are you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

That said, if you know about another AMXF blog, by all means please let me know! While it’s impossible for me to spread the love in this post to every single other AMXF blog out there, I’m always happy to give them a link back.

And if I’ve missed a blog that deserves a spot in this post, share it with me in the comments and tell me why I ought to feature it.

So without further ado…here they are!

Asian Man White Woman Magazine. J.T. Tran, The Asian Playboy, may have founded this magazine, but its heart and soul are the women who love Asian men — Heather, Sarah Ann, and Brooks as well as guest writers (including me). This blog has a lot of great posts on AMWF interracial relationships, but the classic remains “Once You Go Asian, You Can’t Go Caucasian!” (or why White Girls think Asian Boys are Better!). (Disclosure: J.T. is an advertiser on my site.)

Black women Asian men. The ultimate blog for the AMBW (Asian men/Black women) community run in part by a Black woman in a relationship with an Asian guy. It’s regularly updated and loaded with gorgeous photos of AMBW couples as well as their love stories. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the blog offers links to AMBW meetup groups around the US, as well as lists of AMBW books, movies and music videos.

The Blasian Narrative. This unique group blog (written in part by Black women) is “dedicated to exploring (whether academically, casually, or creatively) the world of Black women and Asian men.” Fans of this blog will love their Blasian Culture category featuring posts on AMBW relationships, as well as their treasure trove of interviews with folks in the community.

Diary of a White Indian Housewife. Years ago, Sharell left behind her unremarkable life as an accountant in Australia for the wonders of India — and has never looked back. She met her husband in India and carved out a successful career for herself as a travel writer (she manages the India Travel page). These days, she focuses more on her work for than her blog, but the site is still filled with outstanding posts (such as on whether Indian men like white women and how her parents reacted to her relationship) and she promises to update us every now and then. Don’t miss Sharell’s inspiring memoir about her journey to India, Henna for the Broken-Hearted.

English Wife, Indian Life. Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions in our lives that change everything — like how Lauren was on a vegetarian forum and just happened to respond to someone messaging her (something she never usually would do). That conversation introduced her to her future husband. Last year, she officially left her pharmacy job in England to move to India, where the couple married and now live happily ever after — while Lauren, of course, grapples with this foreign country and culture. It’s fun to read Lauren’s posts because they’re so immediate, filled with the excitement and frustration that comes from such a huge life change. Best of luck to this lovely couple!

Fusión LatinAsia. A blog en español and English by Sandra Santiago (who is based in Texas) especially created “for the Latina stricken with the yellow fever.” This site offers lots of great posts on relationships between Asian men and Latinas (such as Would a Latina girl like an Asian guy like me?) and has even helped support readers in their quest for romance (see I want an Asian Boyfriend…case closed!).

The Good Shufu. Once upon a time, Tracy Slater (a self-described highly independent feminist) had the academic career of her dreams, teaching writing at a Boston-area university and living in the city she adored. But when she fell in love with a Japanese man, all of a sudden she began contemplating a life together with him in Japan, which meant letting go of her career and the life she worked so hard to build for herself in Boston. Once moving to Osaka, she became an illiterate housewife trying to build the very family she never imagined she wanted. It’s an incredible transformation — and not surprisingly, she’s turned her story into the forthcoming memoir titled The Good Shufu (to be published in 2015). Tracy is such a gifted writer and I eagerly await what is sure to be one standout book.

My Husband is Asian. ShaSha LaPerf is an African American woman who just tied the knot with her Asian sweetheart Shen (what she referred to as “When Geeks Marry”), but she’s been blogging about Black/Asian pop culture and Blasian love for years, from her relationship to advice on dating Asian guys and the time she spent living in Japan. Some of her most popular posts — including 10 Things Asian Guys Should Not Say to Black Women — will definitely interest many of you.

My Korean Husband. Nic from Australia is married to Mr. Gwon and she has grown a huge following through her funny comics, videos and other posts about everything from their marriage (such as this how we met video) to life in Korea and even the odd K-pop-related conversation. It’s a delight to visit and read/watch, so it’s no wonder this is easily the most popular (and most entertaining) blog on this list. Nic has a comic book in the works about how she and Mr. Gwon met and more, so stay tuned for that!

Linda Leaming. During her travels through South Asia in the 1990s, Linda discovered the Himalayan wonderland of Bhutan — a country that, in her words, “would rather have Gross National Happiness than Gross National Product” — and that one trip turned into a lifelong love affair on many levels. She met and married a Buddhist artist there and they adopted a girl as well, but most importantly she found the happiness that comes from following your own heart. You can read all about it in her fun memoir Married to Bhutan. And if you loved that book, don’t miss her forthcoming A Field Guide To Happiness: Twenty-Two Things I Learned in Bhutan.

Loving Korean. Oegukeen, who is from Europe, started this blog to discuss her relationship with “the Kimchi Man” — and she went beyond the usual “how we met” to become a source for everything you ever wanted to know about dating Korean men. Unfortunately, their relationship ended recently. But what I find incredibly courageous is that she continues to blog about the aftermath and is currently working on a plan for what’s next. The site still remains a great resource for the community.

Texan in Tokyo. Grace Buchele Mineta — an American woman who just married her Japanese sweetheart and has moved to Japan to live with him — has crafted some of my all-time favorite posts on AMWF and interracial relationships, especially AMWF Relationships: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Asian Male, White Female Couples) and AMWF (Asian Male, White Female) Couples: An Unfinished Wikipedia Article. For those of you who love visuals, she also draws comics and her posts are always heavy on photos, particularly gorgeous shots of her and Ryosuke (the camera truly loves them!). For those of you who addicted to wedding photos, check out her recent wedding announcement!

What blogs did I miss? What blogs would you like to see on this list and why?

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20 Replies to “Saluting Other Blogs by Non-Asian Women Who Love Asian Men”

  1. Some websites I actually know. My book review also covers different AM/WF books, not just Chinese male/White female just to let you guys know 🙂

  2. @Sveta, thanks for the comment — great to know!

    @Lina, yep there are a lot of stories out there! And I obviously couldn’t even include every single other AMXF blog out there (a lot more than you might imagine). But every blog is different and you might find some appeal to you more than others… so find the ones you love and go from there!

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. Your kind words really warmed my heart 🙂

    No matter what, I’m really glad I started my blog and in the process got to read great blogs like yours.

  4. “What blogs did I miss? What blogs would you like to see on this list and why?” Mine, LOL!

    My blog is about me being married to a Chinese-American man also usually Asian and/or black pop culture related things as well as the time I spent living in Japan:

    In addition to some of the blogs you already mentioned, there are some others I like to keep up with:
    Tara Kamiya and her husband (Japanese) were on the show “Four Weddings.” They currently live in rural Japan and she blogs about her life and family there:

    Jenny is married to a Korean man and lives and teaches in Korea. They have a blog and YouTube page:

  5. 谢谢!! Such an honor having my blog’s name in your post! I’ve been following yours for a while. Enjoying the insight of your intense experiences (good and not-so-good), and having a first row seat to watch your relationship evolve with every posting. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Honestly, I never thought an interest in emerging economical alliances between Asia and South America (such as FOCALAE), and, of course, pop culture, would lead me to write interracial-romance topics.

    With every post, my reader’s want more…asking for the real deal: Asian boyfriends! I do my best to refer them to “safe” groups and sites to meet, but I’m not a match maker. Pointing them to any direction is nerve wrecking, mainly the younger readers. Hence, any success story, is a celebration, and encouragement for all. As a blogger, it’s very rewarding! For sure, you understand…

    By the way, Jocelyn, know any Chinese interested in Latinas? (lol)…

    1. Hey Sandra, it’s so nice to see your comment here! That’s fantastic you’re helping readers as much as you can — even if you can’t be a matchmaker (I know the feeling!).

      Actually, I do know some Chinese interested in Latinas. A reader of mine currently resides in Mexico (he shared his story before) and sends me messages/interesting stories regarding Asian men and Latinas in love (including some of his own local observations.

  6. Cool blog list Jocelyn. Except for the first blog. The AMWW magazine blog is a bit misogynistic, ignorant, racist and sexist (to be kind). Most of their articles are about how to land “hot white girls” or “why asian guys are better” or what not. Its the kind of fetishizing that gives interracial couples a bad name. No wonder people look at us like we are freaks. Sorry but I had the misfortune of visiting that blog and it was nauseating for MOST part, and pathetically ignorant. The exact opposite of your and other blogs you link here. (except for hey-ai and other weird sites like that).

  7. I hope you don’t mind – I’m borrowing part of this list for my AMWF post (since I realized I needed to add more AMWF blogs).
    And, of course, I moved YOUR blog to the top of the list, since I’ve run out of time to read – yours is one of the only ones I’ve been able to keep up with~

  8. How are Indian males “Asian”.

    We are a different race than Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese.

    Please don’t lump us together because that is what is done in the US census. We are not the same race. We have much more in common with Iranians than East Asians.


    1. Sorry to interrupt~ 

      But I think that if you look at the “Asian” term in a geographic way, it’s alright to say Indians are Asians since India is part of Asia (the continent).
      But of course, if you look at the “Asian” term in a physical features (or “race”, like you said) way, than I guess you’re right.

      Also, thank you Jocelyn for all those blogs, I can’t wait to read them! 😀

  9. I just want to say thank you for this blog. And for this list. I’m currebtly dating a Chinese guy, and it can be confusing sometimes, and those times this is where I go for help. Thank you! ♡

  10. GERMANY a difficult place for Asians or is a very rare place of the AMWF couples
    1. the bureaucracy thing is rigid, stiff …
    2. it causes mostly a stressful for people from outside the EU countries

    that is why the most asians do prefer the westcoast of US or canadian vancouver …I guess it is based on the huge asian population out there. and you will see more AMWF couples in all corners in the westcoast ;

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