Nominated for Lotus Blossom Award, Vote For Me!

It’s the year of the snake, and I’m not only ready, I’m red all over. As in, red parka, red sweater, red socks, and yes, red underwear. 😉

But my cheeks are rosy too. After all, I did blush with excitement when I learned that I’m nominated for a Lotus Blossom Award at My New Chinese Love in the category of Best Love Blog. If you love what I’m doing here at Speaking of China, share the love by taking a moment and voting for me! Takes less than a minute and, believe me, it’ll make my day. 🙂

Also, best of luck to Life Behind the Wall and Tales from Hebei, who are also nominated in the same category. They’re both outstanding websites worth a read, if you haven’t discovered them already.

Enjoy the year of the snake…and don’t forget to vote!


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15 Replies to “Nominated for Lotus Blossom Award, Vote For Me!”

  1. I just voted for you! red underwear ,too?? so funny :). Being happy is more important than anything else in this world.


    1. @Bruce, Sveta and Manny, thanks for the support!

      @centaur, yep it is age-revealing…but I’m OK with that. It’s my age, it’s where I am in this world and, quite frankly, I’m having a fantastic year so far, so I can’t complain! 🙂

  2. Jocelyn,

    With our encouragement, you will be fine. I hope you’ll win. Just hang out with more positive people.. We’re just happy to be healthy, disease free and stress free.

    Bruce 🙂

  3. Love your red parka!!! It looks great and very warm. You’ll laugh to know that I bought a long red wool coat about 8 years ago for quite a steal at Marshall’s or TJMaxx. A couple years ago I almost gave it away because I thought no one wore red coats anymore. Luckily I kept it and now wear it again all the time.

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