From the Archives: Embarrassing Moments with Chinese Characteristics

(photo by Kim Cofino)

Because I’m on deadline for some projects and scrambling to get ready for Chinese New Year, I decided to take a break this Friday and run a few posts from the archives.

Instead, I’d like to run a few posts on the topic of embarrassing moments — which will hopefully make you smile during these busy days. (Or at least make you forget the embarrassing fact that I’m so busy I don’t have anything fresh for you today!)

I’ll be back this coming Monday in the year of the snake — my year! Wish you all an auspicious Chinese New Year! 万事如意!

Lijia, China’s Monthly Break for Women. When my husband was in school, the girls used to get a break from gym whenever they had their periods. What sounded embarrassing to me inspired him to suggest that, during my period, I take a break as well.

I Love You, Just Not in Chinese. I caught the embarrassment in my husband’s eyes when he admitted he struggled to say “I love you” to me in Chinese.

Getting Personal When Buying Condoms at Watson’s China. This tale of a simple purchase at a convenience store in China turned out rather embarrassing for me — and the store.

4 Replies to “From the Archives: Embarrassing Moments with Chinese Characteristics”

  1. Happy New Years. Another year has passed, my dreams of having a boyfriend and celebrating it with him are still unfulfilled. The rose blossoms wither and soon nothing remains. Felt like being poetic. Sorry.

  2. Sveta,

    You will have your dream fulfilled very soon. There must be someone for you.. I understand how you feel and to have someone to share your life with.

  3. I love this past posts…some of my favorites of yours! Sveta, hang in there. I know what it’s like to feel frustrated. Just don’t give up. You will find Mr. Wonderful. Perhaps Year of the Snake will be it!

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