Photo Essay: How My Chinese Husband Shows Love in Everyday Moments

Later today after 8pm Beijing time, the new group blog WWAM Bam (Western Women & Asian Men – Breaking All Molds) will be publishing a group post on how our Chinese husbands show their love for us, including a short contribution from me. I wrote:

My husband is the kind of guy who shows his love in those thoughtful everyday moments. You know, the little things he does to tell me — through actions, not words — just how much he cares.

To honor Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d extend that with a photo essay highlighting some of those everyday moments – in no particular order — that remind me just how much he loves me.

#1: Bringing me a steaming hot cup of my favorite dragonwell tea every morning

Jun knows exactly how I love my green tea, and always has it ready just after I wake up. 😉

#2: Putting bandages on my cuts (like when I cut myself shaving)

I’m such a klutz…but Jun is such a sweetie to want to bandage my cuts.

#3: Blow-drying my hair after I shower

Once I step out of the bathroom, Jun is usually ready — blow-dryer in hand — to serve. Thanks Jun!

#4: Tucking the covers around me to help me stay warm

When Jun goes to bed after me or gets up before I do, he often tucks the covers snugly around my shoulders. (He also did it when I was in the hospital last year, which is where this picture was taken.)

#5: Taking the garbage out (and doing other “dirty jobs” around the house)

Ever since we married, Jun has this thing about “dirty jobs” (like taking out the garbage) — he prefers to take care of them. (Did I also mention he loves to help my dad mow the lawn, as he did last year when we went to the US?)

#6: Warming my hands in his when they’re too cold

I love it when Jun holds my hands, especially just to warm them up when it’s cold outside.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jun. I love you.

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4 Replies to “Photo Essay: How My Chinese Husband Shows Love in Everyday Moments”

  1. I will concede that I was confused when my husband and I first started dating. He didn’t come near me in public, save for the platonic barely felt arm touch. He was so embarrassed when I would kiss or hug him hello or goodbye in public. We live in the United States, but spend a lot of time in the Chinese sub-culture. When we began telling each other we loved one another, I would auto say it and I would get silence. The day he told me it was unnecessary to tell me perpetually and that he would show me he loved me, my perspective changed. I thought of all things. I thought about how he was always there in a heartbeat if I had car trouble or a bad day. I thought about how he knows my favorite foods perfectly and even shells my seafood. I thought about how he sometimes asks me when we are falling asleep if I feel safe and comfortable. I thought of how he brushes the hair from my face so he can see me clearly. I know East and West can meet in the middle seamlessly. Happy Valentines Day, K. A happier wife there never was.

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