Photo Essay: Scenes from Our Epic USA Road Trip

Wondering where I’ve been? It’s tough to keep up with blogging when you’ve traveled halfway around the world, followed by an epic road trip across America.

After arriving in Cleveland, Ohio last week (my humble hometown), we got behind the wheel and drove our way out to Boise, Idaho for some business related to my husband’s ongoing lawsuit. (To learn more about Jun’s case and how you can help support him, visit our page at

A road trip across the country — especially when it’s your first vacation in almost three years — is totally epic and exciting!

But it also doesn’t leave much time or space for blogging, as you can imagine. I’ve pulled into campsites or fallen into beds most evenings feeling completely drained.

I’ll be on the road until about August 7 — so until then, expect only sporadic blogging. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these scenes from our epic USA road trip!


Jun’s first bagel in almost three years.


Behind the wheel, driving through Nebraska.


A gas station in Iowa with a name that had us both LOL!


That night in Illinois when a downpour forced us to sleep in the car, instead of putting up our tent.


Reaching the highest summit on Interstate 80 in Wyoming.


Camping in Southern Wyoming — that night we gazed upon the Milky Way.


Lunch at a rest stop on Interstate 80.


Realizing that the couple that road trips together for a good cause stays together. 😉

Wishing you a wonderful summer, wherever you are. And know that I’ll be back after August 7 with more on the blog!

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21 Replies to “Photo Essay: Scenes from Our Epic USA Road Trip”

  1. You flew into Cleveland during the Republican Convention?!! Good heavens, you are very, very brave! (Sleeping in the car is nothing compared to that, right?)

    Glad to get an update.

    1. I wish! As I said below, we brought empty bottles to the airport and then filled them with water to have extra fluids while on the plane. I always feel like they skimp on the water they provide you.

  2. Great to see photos from your road trip! I bet it’s exhausting at times, but also an adventure. We also hope to go on a small roadtrip with our car near Guangzhou.

  3. Nice photos!

    As USA citizen, Jocelyn, are you going to vote this election? We have most stinky candidates this year. Neither appeals to me.

    Trump is isolationist and subtle racist who appeals to the lowest part of human insecurity. He is classic slum lord.

    Hillary is closet neocon who promote international adventure and interventionism. She is also a racist, especially against Asian.
    Hillary Clinton, for one, has been heard to say in private settings, “I don’t want my grandchildren to live in a world dominated by the Chinese.”

    This kind of thinking is downright racist in nature, which see the world via racial domination. She resembles Hitler more than Trump in seeing the world as racial struggle.

  4. Jocelyn and John are fighting against racial injustice. But we have political leaders who would see the world via lens of racial domination.

    Unfortunately we no longer have leader like Obama in this election anymore. In Obama doctrine article, he expressed the deepest contempt toward tribalism (racism is form of tribalism).

    Both Trump and Clinton are tribal (racist) in nature. But Trump is less likely to go to war against other nations due to his isolationist ideology. Clinton would not have hesitation to seek world domination through aggressive foreign policy.

    We are screwed.

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