Traveling to the USA for the 1st Time in 3 Years

IMG_0721When Jun and I used to live in the US, we always heard the stories from Chinese students and friends. How years would pass before they ever traveled to China to see friends and family. It was too difficult for them to return – because of the cost of travel, the hassle of renewing their visa, or both.

It was unimaginable to me.

At the time, the longest I had ever been away from my family in the US was a little over a year. Even that absence had plagued me with a deep homesickness – so great that I once sobbed quietly in a bathroom stall at work over missing the US.

I never thought the same thing would happen to Jun and me. Or that I would learn to manage the distance over not one or two, but nearly three years.


Of course, we have a different reason for our travel. Jun is ordered by the Court to return to the US for case-related business. (There’s no trial yet. You can learn more about Jun’s case and support him here.)

We also plan to visit with family and friends, the people who have sustained us through some of the hardest years of our lives.

While we’re there, I’ll continue to blog about our experiences every week – and no doubt I’ll be inspired by the change of surroundings to discover (or rediscover) some excellent topics.

We will return to China — our home — this fall.

Whether you’re traveling after years of being away or just enjoying a staycation with family or friends, wishing you a wonderful summer!

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10 Replies to “Traveling to the USA for the 1st Time in 3 Years”

  1. Have a safe trip. I just put my husband on a plane in Seattle to go to Shanghai yesterday to visit his family. And I live less than a day’s drive from ISU (7-8 hours), so if you need anything please let me know.

    1. Many American racists are. The rest are still all over the country and the world. Many in Louisiana and even in Minnesota.

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