Photo Essay: The Romance of Spring Flowers in Beijing

After spending so many years in the lush subtropical climate of Hangzhou, a city renowned for its many flowers that grace the West Lake year-round, I didn’t have high expectations for Beijing’s spring.

How could a city hit by yearly sandstorms possibly dazzle when it comes to flowers?

And then, while wandering through the local park close to where we live, I found myself charmed in the presence of the many colorful blossoms popping up all around us. I couldn’t believe that this average city park turned into a brilliant parade of spring flowers.

While I’m catching up from a very busy week, I thought I’d share some of my favorite recent pictures of flowers, including a few selfies of me and Jun.

Wherever you are, hope you’re enjoying the romance of spring flowers in your neighborhood!


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6 Replies to “Photo Essay: The Romance of Spring Flowers in Beijing”

  1. Jocelyn I’ve also lived in ZheJiang for five years, and was surprised to find so many flowers blooming last week while visiting my hubby Jun in TianJin! In particular, the flowering trees!

  2. During the first year in a new place it’s such fun to discover all the little details of living there. You’re looking good these days, by the way. Jun too.

  3. Hi Jocelyn, my question is kinda random but for (research purposes).

    What do you think is the average height for young Chinese men in Beijing? (approx age 18-20). I’ve seen some conflicting reports but want anecdotal answers.

    1. Hey Jakob, thanks for the comment! Kind of hard for me to respond because I’m not around young Chinese men in that age range on a regular basis. I will say, though, that overall the average height for men in general here struck me as rather tall. I’ve seen a lot of guys close to 6 feet, even taller.

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