Radio Taiwan Int’l Interview – Eye on China: Western women + Chinese men

Radio Taiwan International - Eye on China: Western women + Chinese menRadio Taiwan International just interviewed me last Wednesday for their “Eye on China” series, looking at Western women and Chinese men through my blog and experiences. Here’s the introduction to the interview:

Why is it is rare to see western women with Chinese men? Jocelyn Eikenburg writes about questions like these in her award-winning blog Speaking of China.

Tune into Eye on China as Natalie Tso talks to Jocelyn about her popular blog and how she fell in love with her Mainland Chinese husband John.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Natalie is also interviewing Jo Gan of the fabulous Life Behind the Wall about her experiences as a Black woman in China (with a Chinese husband) and also Michelle Guo, a Chinese American who blogs in part about life with her Mainland Chinese husband. Stay tuned for those interviews coming up this week and next week!

But in the meantime, check out my interview — and if you love it, share it!


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21 Replies to “Radio Taiwan Int’l Interview – Eye on China: Western women + Chinese men”

  1. Just listened to the interview.


    Inter-cultural relationships between western women and Asian men deserve a vehicle to spread the news and it is good that your blog is getting increasing exposure.

  2. I didn’t know that we’re one of the best kept secrets. All I know is that we always think about how others feel first.

  3. “All I know is that we always think about how others feel first.”

    That is called `empathy’. Sign of higher intelligence.

  4. Now you know why Chinese men are different from other men . We have lots of responsibilities ,too. That’s why Chinese men are willing to work 7 days a week in order to provide for the families.

  5. Thank you Jocelyn for your continued support of us Asian men. You are a Champion of our cause (which in my mind is to be seen beyond the negative stereotypes).

  6. @ Jocelyn. I just finished listening to your interview. Great interview. You are so sweet the way you described your Chinese husband and about your very first Chinese boyfriend antedating your husband. Your first Chinese boyfriend sounded like he was in an idealistic dream. But you did not explain in your interview why you failed to continue further with him and why you are no longer together. Perhaps you can explain it in a subsequent post. Take care and all the best.


  7. @ Bruce. To hear the interview, follow these steps:

    1) click on “Radio Taiwn International just interviewed me” above and this should shoot you over to the site of Radio Taiwan

    2) Then below the red words “Eye On China” there are two squares, one of which is blue on the left and then on the right is a multi color square with red, green & yellow. Click on the multi color squre and then press “play”.

    Good luck.


  8. My brother Fred, Thank you!! That icon is sooooo small haahahahahha. Yes, we are caring men. Sterotypes DO stop us from getting together for sure. Once you ‘ve jumped a few hurdles, you will appreciate what Asian men are about. We can protect our women in our own ways. There are also some Asian men like me who are explosive with my personality and temper but I’m very detailed and extremely caring. Maybe too much exercise that’ll increase my testosterone level 1000 X . Most of the time, you’ll see Chinese men that are calm and respectful 24/7 . Why ? Our parents and religions teach us to have respect for others.. It doesn’t mean we are weak and sissies. To tell you the truth, I’m controlling my hot temper 24/7 right now. We do have tempers but our beliefs suppress the anger down. BRUCE LEE had HOT TEMPER but he was an extremely caring and a wonderful man . There you go!



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