From the Archives: On Stares, “Why Not Married?” & More

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None of us are immune to those tough questions or moments. During a week where I’ve had a face some challenges of my own — and need a break — I’m running several entries from the archives that speak to this theme. I’ll be back this Monday with some fresh content!

Ask the Yangxifu: Staring in China at Couples of Chinese Men-Western Women. A Chinese man loves the Western woman he just started dating, but not the stares and attention from his fellow Chinese when they’re in public.

Ask the Yangxifu: Dealing With “How Come You Aren’t Married Yet?” A guy asks for advice on how to manage that toughest of questions from his Chinese relatives.

On Bainian — Chinese New Year’s Calls — And Those Annoying Questions From Relatives. For some young Chinese, the very possibility of seeing family means the potential for annoying personal questions — ones they’d sometimes rather not answer.

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