Season of Super Savings for Veteran Singles Day Shopper – Pub’d on China Daily

China Daily just published my latest column titled Season of super savings for veteran Singles Day shopper. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve already made my list and checked it twice-my shopping list, that is, for Singles Day, which traditionally falls on Nov 11 each year.

While some have compared Singles Day to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it has since eclipsed those two to generate more sales than both combined, becoming the world’s largest shopping event. It is also the most wonderful time of the year for many shoppers like me, with 2021 marking my eighth consecutive occasion to take part online through Alibaba’s Taobao platform.

After so many years of participating in the shopping spree, I’ve witnessed and experienced how it has evolved over the years, for the benefit of consumers like me.

You can read the full piece here. And if you like it, share it!

P.S.: To those of you participating in the shopping festival, wishing you a very merry Singles Day! 😉

4 Replies to “Season of Super Savings for Veteran Singles Day Shopper – Pub’d on China Daily”

  1. I’m jealous that Chinese/Russians/Europeans get their orders delivered in a week. For Americans it takes over a month even if you order on 11/11!

    1. Hi Wifona, The Wikipedia page for Singles Day provides some background:

      Originally, the date was celebrated as a cynical response to traditional couple-centric festivals by a small group of college bachelors. However, in 2009 Alibaba’s CEO Daniel Zhang began to use the day as a 24 hour shopping holiday festival that offered online shopping discounts and offline entertainment.The holiday has now become the largest physical retail and online shopping day in the world.

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