[UPDATED] SELF China Seeking Chinese Women Over 30 + Single By Choice

UPDATE: Forgot to mention the following:

I’m not searching just for a Chinese women, but also women from Japan and Korea (with the same sort of luck, as you can imagine).  Someone who knows a bit of English would also be helpful because the interview would be in English.

Got this request from SELF China via e-mail, and they asked me to share on my blog:

We are currently putting together an article about women all over the world who are single by choice, in their thirties to forties, and our search includes a Chinese woman who may fit that description. I would deeply appreciate it if perhaps you could point me to someone you may know who falls under that category, or even other resources I might be able to check out. I understand that this is much harder than it might sound because, as you said in one of your advice answers, women who reach the age of thirty in China who haven’t married still have many stigmas to fight against.

They will be asking questions regarding what the women do for fun, why they enjoy being single and their past dating life. It’s a positive story to show how women who are attractive and career driven are content and not looking for marriage. Also, let them know that it’s for SELF China.

They must submit a photo, and a mini bio about themselves as soon as possible.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of the story, e-mail EJ Choi at coolhuntej (at) gmail.com ASAP!(BS6TRP8A4KGN)

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5 Replies to “[UPDATED] SELF China Seeking Chinese Women Over 30 + Single By Choice”

  1. Very interesting topic. I thought being single is not an option but a status. Sometimes when being single for a long time, you are just so used to the living status right now and unwilling to change.
    Is that called a status quo?

    1. Hey Sheila, thanks for the comment! Well, it certainly depends on the person. If marriage is your goal, then sure, it is a status. But if you’re not interested in marriage — or maybe if you’ve decided that it isn’t right for you — then you might call it a choice.

      For sure, anything that has gone on for a long time and you’re unwilling to change, you could call it status quo. 🙂

  2. May be they can’t let others be too close ? Trust issue ?

    And … choose not to marry is one thing, choose not to date is another?

  3. I´ll spreed the word but my Chinese female friends say they have no choice so they are single.

    If Iwere you I would target someone with a good leadership /management position, high education and scientific background.

    But forest is right, when the woman dates men, is that considered single for your interview? Or then it means she is not single by choice?

  4. Yesterday I talked with a girl I met in Suzhou time ago, and the conversation reminded me of this post.
    S- She M-Me

    S: I want to marry, but no one wants to
    M: What do you mean?
    S: I want to marry and they all say no
    M: Do you have boyfriend now? I didn´t know
    S: No
    M: So how it came you want to marry?
    S: I don´t understand
    M: Marriage itself has no meaning. Someone wants to marry -someone, not just marry. The person you love comes along with marriage.
    S: I don´t have boyfriend and I don´t love anyone
    M: So then you should go step by step, first find love.
    S: But I want to marry
    M: Yes, but it makes no sense cause you can´t marry with the air. So first you find love, don´t think further.
    S: So I should seek for love?
    M: No please, don´t “seek for it”, just let it be, don´t force it, don´t push it.
    S: But I put many pictures in my weixin with all the things I have and many comments and no one says anything to me!
    M: Ok, First, forget about weixin, second, being materialistic is not going to help you to find love, third, pushing everyone out there in the market just makes them run away. Even when I see your moments in Weixin I think… “Oh my Gosh…this girl ..”.
    etc etc etc..

    It drives me crazy when people want to marry, and they don´t understand that you wish to marry, if you wish, when you find your love, or when you think you did..

    I´d like to add here, I have seen the movie “He is just NOT into you”, and it is such a good picture of the dating scenario. Both points of view (women and men), is fun also.

    Maybe is true that women “lie to each other” when the man is not calling or he is just…breaking up…that was the fun part of the movie.

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