Essay Published in “Unsavory Elements,” An Anthology Featured in Shanghai Lit Festival

I have some extremely exciting news! My essay titled “Red Couplets” is going to be published this month in the anthology Unsavory Elements — a publication also featured in the Shanghai Literary Festival.

As my friend Susan Blumberg-Kason wrote, the contributor’s list reads like “a who’s who in the China expat literary world.” Those 28 writers include big names such as Peter HesslerSimon Winchester, Michael Meyer, Deborah Fallows, Alan Paul, Jonathan Watts and Susan Conley. So for me, it is truly an honor to be in same publication as these distinguished writers. Tom Carter, author of CHINA: Portrait of a People, edited the book and also contributed an essay.

If you’re in Shanghai and you’d love to get a copy, they should be available at the March 15, 7pm event for the anthology. (NOTE: This event is going to be SOLD OUT soon, so ACT FAST if you want tickets to attend!)

Otherwise, it will also be available on shortly — and I will share that link as soon as I can. You can also visit the Facebook page for the anthology.

FYI, the essay I wrote centers on love and relationships between Western women and Chinese men, so I’m sure it will resonate with many of you!

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8 Replies to “Essay Published in “Unsavory Elements,” An Anthology Featured in Shanghai Lit Festival”

  1. Congratulations on getting a piece of your writing published! I would love to read it, will the book be available to download or buy in the UK?

    1. Hi Claire, thanks! I haven’t any information yet on that, but I expect it should be available in the UK — as this publisher (Earnshaw Books) has offered their books for sale in the UK.

    1. Thanks forest! I don’t think it’s on Amazon quite yet…but as soon as I get the link, I will put it up there and add another post to let you and everyone else know it is available for purchase!

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