Shooting Videos in Beijing for China Daily Website

This week, I’m on assignment for China Daily website to shoot some videos around Beijing, also part of the series to commemorate the 70th anniversary of China’s founding coming up in October, like the video shoots I did in Suzhou and Shandong province.

Because of the busy schedule once again, I’ll be off from blogging this week. Stay tuned next week, when I’ll post some photos from the experience.

And for all of you who celebrate around the world, here’s wishing you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival this weekend!

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10 Replies to “Shooting Videos in Beijing for China Daily Website”

  1. Jocelyn, you look youthful, nice, cool and relaxed in that red blouse and patterned skirt! Waiting for both the Suzhou and Being videos series to come on air!

  2. Great opportunity for you to travel around the country, but i would be concerned with being associated with a publication whose online presence contains such an anti-foreigner / misogynistic Forum space that is accessible (in English) world wide.

  3. @S
    Hahaha….and the world would be concerned too with western propaganda monopolising all the space that is accessible in English worldwide – and all of those rabidly anti-China anti things Chinese hehehe.

    1. @Om Ni, Great ‘whataboutism’.
      So anti-foreigner/racist/sexist comments in on the China Daily Forum are ok because ‘everyone else is doing it’?
      It is sad to see ANY forum undermined by negativity, and for a country such a China that purports itself as welcoming to foreigners to promote such a negative image, China Daily forum does not do it any favours.

      1. @S Right! Why not? Everyone is enjoying their meal whichever way they cook it. You expect some to be more palatable and others no no go? Stop calling out China Daily when you dumbs play dumb and expect others to listen? China Daily anti this anti that? Hahaha…..Not bad! At least they don’t go around ordering you to do things their way. Have some chee chong fun and enjoy the flavour, man. Instead of trying to sound righteous. Pomposity is the is out of order. And out of date! hehehe

        1. I am sorry you feel that way.
          As i said, it is sad that the default stance of many posters online is to be offensive and turn quickly to insults, and not try to challenge negative ideas and comments.
          Have a nice day.

          1. @S Hahaha. Really? The default stance for some people is to sound considered and non judgemental , yet in every way nitpicking. At least those you call offensive and insulting aren’t trying to be what they are not. Nobody pulled you here. Trying to call people out when no one is harming you anyway, except for your skewed sense of what should or shouldn’t be – what is that called? Be nice to yourself, no need to get hot and bothered – get off the high horse and have a cup of your cooling drink, man! Hohoho

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