The Joys of a Bilingual Relationship – Pub’d on WWAM BAM

It’s been busy in the past week — and as I’m getting caught up on things, I thought I’d point you to a piece I recently penned for the group blog WWAM BAM called The Joys of a Bilingual Relationship. Here’s an excerpt:

You could argue that English and Chinese – translations that is – brought me and my husband Jun together.

We met as colleagues in an internet company in China, where he translated company introductions from Chinese to English and I polished the language. And while our initial interactions happened over work-related tasks, soon we found ourselves collaborating on translations just for fun, such as a set of quizzes I developed in English and Chinese.

Not long after that, our partnership turned romantic – and that love, in both languages, has continued to this day.

Before I met Jun, all of my other relationships with Chinese men had remained grounded in English or Chinese, but not both. With Jun, however, I loved having the freedom to express myself in two languages, as well as the comfort of knowing that, when I needed to speak from the heart in my native tongue, he would understand.

Being able to share our lives, thoughts and ideas in two different languages has only strengthened our relationship. Many years ago, I wrote that “the couple that wordplays together, stays together,” something I still stand by to this day.

Read the full piece at WWAM BAM — and if you like it, share it!

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