Tibetan Art and Culture School Needs Your Support

One of the wonders of the social media age has been the ability for me to meet so many other people in the AMWF community. That includes Kristel Ouwehand, a talented artist from Canada married to a Tibetan man who started a nonprofit art and culture school together with him.

Now Kristel’s school is in danger of closing by March 1, 2018 and she needs your support. Here’s the story from their GoFundMe page:

The school was started by Kristel Ouwehand in the Tibetan province of Amdo. The goal of the school is to promote Tibetan art and culture.

At this time, the most urgent need of the school is to complete the purchase of the home in which serves as the school and dormitories. Without the home the school will not be able to function and students will be sent back to their families unable to complete their education.

$19,000 (Canadian Dollars) needs to be raised to save the school.

As the students that are selected are mostly from low income nomadic families, Kristel does not charge any tuition for the 4 years of training. Only a token amount of 500 RMB is paid by the families for the entire 4 year period. Remarkably, the school has therefore been funded solely by the sales of Kristel and the students’ artworks as well as commissioned paintings and murals.

You can learn more about the fundraising campaign at GoFundMe. Every donation, even the smallest, can make a difference.

And if you’d like to read more about the story behind the school, head on over to the About Us section of the Snowland Art School website.

Another way you can support the school is through buying art produced by Kristel and her students. There are art auctions you can access through the Snowland Art School website, and also the school’s Facebook page.

And remember, even if you cannot donate, just sharing this story and spreading the word will make a difference.

P.S.: In addition, you can read more about Kristel and the campaign to save her school through this post by fellow blogger Kimberly at WWAM BAM.

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  1. Such a wonderful project, Kristel is such an inspiration! I really hope that this school can be saved, thank you Jocelyn for sharing this with us!

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