Videos: Watch Me in China’s Ningxia for Poverty Relief Series

As many of you remember, last year I made a weeklong trip to Ningxia to do a video shoot, where I learned more about how the province is doing poverty relief, with the help of the internet.

The episodes on Ningxia have recently gone live, so now you can see me in action — and get the chance to watch me do everything from herding sheep to trying my hand at livestreaming.

Episode 1: Ningxia sheep ranch rounds up new tech

Episode 2: Harvesting brighter future with Ningxia grains

Episode 3: Factory makes new dreams for Ningxia women

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2 Replies to “Videos: Watch Me in China’s Ningxia for Poverty Relief Series”

  1. i saw the medical insurance video in innner Mongolia. i hope it will be countrywide for all its people. after all, there are poor people in other parts of China, not just inner Mongolia.
    china jayiu !!!

    1. Thanks Nelson! Yes, as I understand, China is working to ensure that all poor people have their medical expenses fully covered, across the country. This video just spotlighted a great example of how this is being done.

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