“When True Love Came To China” Shanghai Book Launch Dec 13 @ M on The Bund

When True Love Came to China by Lynn PanJust wanted to pass this info on to anyone in the Shanghai area. I haven’t read the book yet, but the topic sounds fascinating and I’m sure it would appeal to many of you out there! Here are the details from M on the Bund’s website:

Sunday December 13th, 4pm
Tickets 75 rmb (includes a drink)

When True Love Came to China

What does ‘love’ mean to the Chinese? How did its meaning in pre-modern China differ from how it was understood in the contemporary West? Does the Chinese way of love confirm or contradict the widely accepted theory that romantic love was invented in Europe and is uniquely Western? How was the experience of romantic love by Chinese writers and readers altered by their exposure to European works like Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Wertherand Alexandra Kollontai’s The Loves of Three Generations, and to the Japanese enthusiasm for the now obscure love guru Ellen Key? What ways of escape, from celibacy to adultery, were sought by Chinese men who pursued Western love ideals even as they were trapped in loveless arranged marriages?

Lynn Pan, who has published more than a dozen books including Shanghai Style and Old Shanghai: Gangsters in Paradise, addresses these and many other questions in her new book When True Love Came to China.

Here’s a map to M on the Bund in Shanghai. And for more information about this event, you can contact M on the Bund.

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5 Replies to ““When True Love Came To China” Shanghai Book Launch Dec 13 @ M on The Bund”

  1. Dunning kruger effect (ignorance is bliss)

    When people ignorant of others history and literature, they assumed worst of others. There are so many romantic love stories from Chinese history like Shanbo (梁山伯) and Zhu Yingtai (祝英台), 聊斋志异, 红楼梦, etc.

    The westeren self-center point of view led to ethnocentrism/racism, geocentrism (killing of Galileo), even so called Nobel prizes (very subjective evaluation leads to Nobel disease).

    Without research, people are just idiots.

  2. By the way, Rachel Bloom of Crazy Ex Girlfriend is nominated for a Golden Globe in a Television Series Comedy or Musical. The show is going places.

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