When a White Supremacist Website Links to Your Interracial Love Blog

DSCF0777I remember my curious feeling when I discovered the link in my Google Analytics. What website is that? I figured it was just something new.

So imagine my shock when I clicked on the link and found my blog discussed in vile terms online. They called me, along with every other white woman choosing to marry a Chinese man, a “traitor” and “trash”.

The Southern Poverty Law Center website confirmed my suspicions – that, indeed, a white supremacist website had linked to my blog.

This wasn’t anything new. This was hatred, pure and simple – a hatred older than most of us want to admit.

So what does it mean when a white supremacist website links to your blog about interracial love? It means you’ve hit a nerve with some of the worst racists on the planet.

I don’t usually write about these things. Like most of you, I would rather live in the light than the dark. I would rather turn my head away from evil.

But the recent alarming uptick in hate crimes, including those by white supremacists, makes me no longer want to keep silent. Whenever we stay silent about these things, we give more power to those who do harm.

No matter what you thought, racism hasn’t ended. It is still here – it always was. The Supreme Court’s 1967 decision in Loving versus Virginia didn’t magically turn America into a country where everyone embraced interracial marriage. A lot of people still don’t.

A lot of people still think interracial love is wrong.

There was a time when I used to think blogging about interracial love was just about promoting diversity and understanding. But now I think it’s so much more – it’s about combating hatred too.

So if you’re blogging about interracial love, just consider that every post you publish is a bold statement in support of interracial couples everywhere. Let’s support love, together.

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41 Replies to “When a White Supremacist Website Links to Your Interracial Love Blog”

  1. Alas for the hate-filled individuals that obviously have nothing else in their life.

    Neither on the side of love, nor on the right side of history.


  2. Nothing different than many of us face nearly everyday in the US. We frequently hear comments when we are out in public whether our conservative small town, the nearby city, or even in the rather international city of Seattle. We ignore it as long as it doesn’t get physical or in-your-face shouting.

  3. Heck, the Trump effect.

    I don’t think white supremacists would take any “action” abroad.
    I mean you guys are safe in China. 🙂

    On the other hand, there are definitely load of racists in the US, otherwise Trump would not had been nominated and elected. It will be an extra long four years for people of color, but I believe things will get better when Trump steps down.

    Happy holiday season!

    1. Then again Trump appointed Elaine Chao wife of a powerful white man, Mitch McConnell to be the Transport Secretary….so not sure whether white supremacists will get from Trump what they really want!

  4. Reason I want to write interracial romance novels or interracial love is because of the hate. Love is love. Love is color-blind. Anyone who considers themselves Christian yet hates is not a Christian.

    1. @Holly Hollins…You are talking about 81% of the white skin worshipping American pagan community, masquerading as evangelicals and Christians…begins with Jerry Falwell, Jr….the high priest of white skin worship!

    2. @Holly, that is a No True Scotsman argument, apparently the Christian God accepts everyone including sinners as long as the believe in him and accept JC as their savior?

  5. Welcome to the New American Order. Nothing needs to make sense anymore, as we now have a senseless administration with ZERO accountability.

    Why we switched our internet home page to a blank Google page…we don’t need any more garbage in our eyes and ears. I’ve always marveled that between my Chinese wife and a Korean ex-girlfriend, I never got even a sideways look driving around the backwoods of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

    Hope you get past them/block them…try suing them…might make you money for Jun’s cause 😉

  6. This is abhorrent. Not something someone like you deserves. But I just wanted to say:

    1. We MUST ALWAYS stand up and push these morons down.
    2. We must also remember that they are not the majority of any population. As much as I was appalled by the racism in US, I noticed that at least a few people supporting Trump were not truly racist. Lets reach out to them and organize and fight back against this aberrant group of people.
    3. I feel like internet has made it rather easy to spew nonsense. Like someone is having a bad day, and they think its ok to go on a 4chan and insult and rant about people (because losers). lets not forget who these people are and what motivates them and call them out.

  7. As Jaime said, a lot of this racism is the Trump effect.

    A couple of days ago Autumn shared an article on Facebook that pointed out that, “it takes only 5% of a crowd to begin to move for the other 95% to follow.” They call this flocking behavior. Trump began the campaign with a small group of supporters that has grown tremendously as a result of his success. If the theory of flocking behavior is correct, the good news is that just 5% of us can turn the flock around.

    Here’s a link to the article: https://nicolagriffith.com/2016/12/12/flocking-how-to-defeat-a-predator/comment-page-1/#comment-15111

  8. Asian people are so beautiful, and I’ve actually found them to be so much more respectful, and considerate, towards others {my family and I all agree that Asian doctors are especially the best when it comes to compassion} – I love them. ♡

  9. That’s terrible. Unbelievable that hatred is growing. Of course you should ignore people like that, yet it’s fair to be disturbed. Wish there was more to do to turn the tide, it will probably get better eventually, but we are in for a dark time now.

    Stay strong and keep up the good work with your marriage and don’t let the bastards grind you down!

  10. Some of the haters in your dear motherland the U.S. might have been themselves the offspring of the hybrid of white slave owners and black slaves back in the age of Gone With The Wind or Uncle Tom’s Cabin, only they must not have checked their family history or their parent forgot to tell them. Otherwise they might not have survived the hard times of the U. S.

  11. Trump is nominating minorities into his circle and even his cabinet, but he did a lot of damage during the campaign. He may make up with his rich right wing minority acquaintances, but he leaves a lot of families divided, interracial relationships broken and minority-white friendships lost. He may be cozying up to the Indians (from India). But, I know some Indian-white friendships that were lost during the campaign. This happened last time in 1968 in the UK with Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” speech which I am old enough to remember.


    A lifetime of friendships were lost between whites and minorities within a matter of weeks. Of course, there were not many interracial dating to speak of in those days. However, Trump’s campaign did a lot of damage to those relationships in the present day America. I know of at least five Asian-white relationships that broke up because of Trump, most of them AWWM couples.

    White supremacist and hate monger Pat Buchanan says that no one asked Americans whether to flood the US with immigrants. Considering the fact that 39% of visas are granted to foreigners marrying US citizens and another 8% granted to children of these citizens, it would seem that at least some US citizens made that decision to marry and in his words “flood” the US. 50% + may oppose it, but they don’t have a say in who other Americans marry. White supremacists are actually very lucky. If the black women who face a shortage of black men marry African and Caribbean black men in equal numbers to white men marrying Asians, whites will become a minority in 2022, not 2042! In this regard, black women sort of act as an ally of white supremacists.

  12. David is white supremacist troll.

    He knows he would be rejected here if he present himself as he is. So he pretends to be a victim of racism and spread the hatred in disguise. His words are clear. He want to provoke racial hatred and anger. Racial war and final segregation is his goal.

    His message is intending to intimidate interracial couples.

  13. @Truth…keep up the delusion of being a white supremacist. White supremacists will laugh if they saw me. Never said I was a victim of racism. I just watch and report. Then again it is possible that part of my work is to infiltrate these groups….not saying for certain. There were folks in this website who told me that life is not that bad in the US and that Trump will not get elected. I have an acquaintance who is 84 years old…she said the same thing and now she is literally in mourning. Trump himself has not said a racist thing since getting elected. In fact, he is taking his racist white working class supporters for a big ride to the swamp and he will drown them there. The only two racists around him are Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the AG and Bannon his advisor. Tillerson and Pudzer will not get along with Sessions and in fact they may come to blows..literally over the course of the next few months. Sessions is so racist that he would rather let the Russians hack the American government and DNC than hire qualified foreigners to prevent such a hack. That is why they do not want to talk about the quality of the federal workforce which means accepting the fact that American workers are not well qualified and education needs to be improved…which means accepting that steep education budget cuts in Kansas and Wisconsin that affected US students was a mistake.

    @Fred…what website are you asking about. 38% of all visas given to US citizens or the break-ups. May be Sessions did want the breakup..it will mean that these women go back home and they would have slowed the demographic change at least by a trickle. So, the goal may be to break up interracial international couples to try and slow or reverse the trend. They cannot pass laws against it. It may survive the courts on the UK and Europe but wont survive the courts in the US. So the alternate is scream and shout about how Mexicans are raping and Asian women are stealing US (read that white) men and try to break these couples up.

  14. Seriously? Democrats are just as racist as republicans. You don’t have to be white to be a racist. No need to call other party names just because they don’t agree with your political views. Is OK for Asians to be proud to Asians. It’s OK for Blacks to be proud to be blacks. But when whites are being proud to be whites, they’re called racists? Doesn’t make sense to me. Trump is definitely not a racist. He has appointed people of all races to his cabinet. Ben Carson is black. Elaine Chao is Asian. Nikki Haley is Indian. Just because he does not support illegal immigration, it does not mean he’s racist. China, Mexico, and most countries do not allow people into their countries without documentation. Banning Muslims is not racist neither. Many of them are terrorists. If a few of them get into this country and do another 9/11 type of attack, would you like to take responsibility for that? Would you allow intruders into your home? How about you inviting a few illegals and homeless people to live in your house? No? Would that make you racist and anti-poor as well? It’s no secret that most Asians do not like Blacks. All my Asian friends do not have Black friends. Can I call them racists as well? All I hear from liberals is how Trump is a danger to democracy and now the Hilary supporters are giving death threats to Electoral voters to overturn Trump’s victory. Enough with this nonsense already. Respect the democracy we still have to vote for the leaders of our choice. You don’t get to complain and whine when the election results don’t go your way. This is not how democracy works. Respect Trump. He’s the leader the majority has voted for. Yes majority based on electoral votes. You don’t get to change the election process to popular votes just because you don’t like the results. If it’s popular votes that counts, Trump would’ve done differently in his campaign. Peace.

    1. Wow, this guy is a piece of work. A real true believer. Ha, you actually believe that line that if it was about the popular vote Trump could have won?? Uh, then the democrats would have also campaigned differently. Sorry Trump does not deserve respect for winning after the most negative campaign in history. And say haven’t you heard of electoral voters receiving death threats from Trump supporters as wells? You have a serious problem of being in a bubble.

      Anyway, the most important point out of all your ridiculousness is that of course it’s true democrats can be racist. However, there is a difference between what you are talking about. When the majority group is prejiduced against minorities, that is objectively worse than when minorities are prejiduced. All is bad, but one kind perpetuates a deep unfair system more than the other. That’s what people like you cannot get. When the majority class in power oppresses minorities, that is the the real definition of dangerous racism.

  15. Oh that is terrible. I always wonder what is going on with those people that they hate so much.
    Not that my blog has been linked yet in any of such groups however I still get the occasional comment, however it is not my white but by Asians how wrong it is that a Chinese is married to a white person, or that I took just advantage and how terrible life will be for our child.
    It seems that in the world of any racists it is always the fault of the women, barely ever the fault of the men!

  16. Sure keep blaming on racism and unfair election process. Hillary got questions for her debate in advance and endorsement from numerous liberal celebrities and she still lost. It’s great to see democrats have lost both the White House and Congress. You democrats focus only on the negative side of Trump and ignore everything negative about Hillary. Democrats like you are a bunch of whiny hypocrites who prey on ignorant voters. Let’s not forget KKK was started by democrats. Every 4 years you promise to help the minorities to achieve equality and then forget about them once you’re in office. Trump on the other hand is trying to save our jobs and stop companies from outsourcing them. He’s doing something no other politicians have done. He will be working to achieve equality for blacks and hispanics which is something politicians have not done in a long time. Asians are doing fine since they’re the most educated of all minorities. Some of my friends and my wife were democrats and they’re now supporting Trump. Maybe if you democrats stop blaming everybody for your loss and blame Hilary for her lies and scandals and get behind Trump, the country can move along and be great again. Don’t be a sore loser.

    1. Wow, this guy is just a talking points machine.

      Maybe you should do some soul-searching when a blog post about white supremacist harassment immediately makes you feel you should defend Trump…

      And the KKK talking point, just profoundly ignorant. Everyone who knows the very basics of American political history knows that the parties essentially switched sides since Civil War times.

      Where on earth do you even get your information? I for one know many left-leaning people and actually many of them don’t like Hillary Clinton at all. There is tremendous criticism of her. Have you ever heard of Bernie Sanders?!?! Most voted for her as a lesser evil anyway in the end, and it’s fully possible to criticize Hillary as a poor candidate and at the same time oppose Trump. We aren’t all hyper-partisan like your side. Seriously, Trump objectively isn’t even a conservative at all yet because of the weird cult of personality he is know the ‘god-emperor’ or something and it doesn’t even make sense. Anyway point being the talking point that democrats don’t blame Hillary at all for the loss is not based on reality, not that you people care about reality.

      Somehow I don’t think the country is going to come together after Trump insulted every group in America. That’s not how it works. People get kind of upset when they are insulted. Did you know that? Trump is proving to be the most divisive president-elect ever, by far, and the country is already in a worse mess because of him and the current empowerment of white supremacist racists is just one of many issues that are tearing America apart.

      Congrats on winning despite losing the popular vote in the biggest discrepancy in history, but the free-thinking peoples are not going to follow this cult. Call it sore losers if you will, but fighting bigotry is an important fight and it’s far from over yet!

  17. @Max headroom
    Please leave politics out of this post and comments. Are you more supportive of white women dating minority men or minority women dating white men and Why? I am honestly scared of the next four years. I already wish it was 2020. When one group believes it’s superior to othersno then it’s dangerous for everyone, no matter who they may be. Europeans control majority of the world, by media, finances and influence. Due to that, Europe gets to call the shots about what’s good or bad, which makes it dangerous for others when they do not have specific origins that are shared with Europeans.

  18. White people in America might be majority but in Asia white people are minority!

    Just remember this! When you hate people, people usually hate you too!!!

    1. @TLAG…the problem is the Asians do not return the favor…they actually give in to whites…Just look at the Great Wall movie, whitewashing by the Chinese director….


      And the problem is although Asians may be a minority, they hate each other based on ethnicity and worship the whites. Many Singaporeans, particularly the Chinese Singaporean women, fall in this category! Heck, with all the white skin worship in Asia, if I were white, I will behave like them too!

  19. @Jo A good point, there are some foreign people in China expecting local Chinese people to give them special treament. And when they don’t receive it, they call local people recist!

    They are racist themselves! These people don’t understand! A person should have done something good first before he or she deserve been treated special!

    In any case, I will not treat anyone special unless they show their worthiness first!

  20. This post makes me very sad. It reminds me of my ex-fiance, who was the love of my life. We met in college in out west in 2002, and for 3 years, we were inseparable. It was like, we were meant to be. She worked at the university book store, and it was love at first sight for me. The first time I laid eyes on her, I noticed that she had these blue eyes that pierced through me and made me feel naked in front of her. Anyways, it took me awhile to ask her out, but I did after a few months. From then on, we were always together. We complemented each other very well. Before I met her, I was a cynical cocky bad boy who was locked up in my teens for lashing out at society. I was an orphaned at a young age, and that made me angry as hell. She, on the other hand, was very cerebral, gentle, and kind, but withdrawn from the world because she was raped by her high school boyfriend. We kind of brought the best out of each other. She introduced me to philosophy, art, and literature, while I helped her to trust people again, and I think my don’t give a shit attitude made her feel protected in a strange way. This lasted about 3 years, until we started talking about getting married.

    Our plan was to get married after we both graduated from school, and then to move to the city her parents lived in because she was very close to them. Well, her parents weren’t having that, and she never told me while we were together, but all her friends and family would bad mouth Asian men over and over again, openly to her face. She defended me the best she could, but she didn’t have a type A personality, and it wore her down over the years. Like I mentioned before, she lacked the will power to defy her parents, who she depended deeply on for emotional and financial support. She was very close to her family, in particular her mother. Her parents were convinced that our relationship wouldn’t last through college, because they just couldn’t fathom their pretty white daughter marrying a Korean guy. They felt she was just with me because she was experimenting as college kids do. They also weren’t thrilled that I was locked up when I was younger.

    So, she graduated from college a year before I was scheduled to, and I proposed to her, and she said yes. She went home for the summer, while I had to stay and work in the city we went to school. While she was on break, she told her parents about our engagement, and they went nuts. They gave her an ultimatum- it was either them or me. She couldn’t bring herself to cut off her parents. One day, her father and several male cousins came to our apartment with guns on their hips, and moved all her stuff out, while I watched dumbfounded. I tried everything in my power to contact her, but she refused to talk to me.

    Completely devastated, I sunk into a depression that lasted for years, and I was even hospitalized for a few months because I barely ate anything. It was like someone cut a piece of my soul out of me. I dropped out of school, and moved back east. Life was colorless at that point, and I just went through the motions of living. Then, one day, about three years later, out of the blue, she sent me a letter that explained everything, and told me she still loved me, even though she was about to get married. And that was that.

    Love doesn’t always triumph. Hate is a powerful thing. And I’ve never found anyone else who could replace her in my heart. She fit me like a perfect glove, and I know I’ll likely die alone, which I’ve come to accept. I feel incredibly bitter towards society, but I had once promised her that I would stay out of trouble, and I eventually graduated school. And now here I am, reading this sad post in 2016, in a year where open racism is trendy again. I wish you all who are in love, good fortune, because you’re going to need it in the years to come.

    1. Dude, don’t give up on love, and don’t resign yourself to a life of solitude if that’s not what you want. She wasn’t prepared to fight for you so forget her. I know it’s easier said than done, but try to keep an open mind and who knows, you may yet find the perfect woman.

    2. “One day, her father and several male cousins came to our apartment with guns on their hips, and moved all her stuff out, while I watched dumbfounded. I tried everything in my power to contact her, but she refused to talk to me.”

      Sounds like India. I have seen this happen more often in India with inter-caste marriages than not!

      “Then, one day, about three years later, out of the blue, she sent me a letter that explained everything, and told me she still loved me, even though she was about to get married. And that was that.”

      Now this really sounds like India. A young woman being forced into arranged marriage by her family writing her final goodbye to her ex-boyfriend!

  21. About Frustrated Idealist…As I have said often if Asian men do to white women in many parts of the US, ie., ask them for a date or ask them to marry them, that white men do to Asian women in Hong Kong of China, they will be lucky to get out alive!

  22. I was a Japanese female exchange student in the US living with a white family, nearly ten years ago. Every time I spent a lot of time talking to the guys in the family, their grandma or mother would show up to make sure we were not making out or kissing. They were really leery of Asian women with white men!

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