Wanted: Your Stories Of Love Lost, Unrequited Love and More

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This past week, we’ve had a flurry of conversations arise from a simple story of a setup for love that ultimately failed. My thanks to Fred for sharing that story!

But it got me thinking. I originally called on readers to share stories of love that lead to happily ever after. And yes, I had a reason — I wanted to offer a counterbalance to all of the negativity out there surrounding relationships between Chinese men and Western women.

Yet Fred’s story reminded me that we can learn so much from stories where love never happened or love was lost. There’s value in sharing those stories — and I’d like to make space for them.

So I’m putting out an official call. If you have a story of Western women and Chinese men in love that didn’t work out — such as love lost or love failed — then I want to hear from you!

You can submit it through my page or just e-mail me your story (jocelyn (at) speakingofchina.com). Feel free to change the names and even places to protect yourself or the people in your story. And if you don’t want to be named in connection with the story (in other words, no byline), that’s fine too.

I haven’t come up with a name for this series yet (“Double Happiness” seems too upbeat in retrospect), so I welcome any suggestions for a name.

And I especially look forward to hearing from you.

P.S.: Of course, if you have a great love story perfect for Double Happiness or Yin-Yang, I’m always happy to publish that too. See my submit page for more details.

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13 Replies to “Wanted: Your Stories Of Love Lost, Unrequited Love and More”

  1. How about yuanfen? 缘分 I know you know this :]
    or something regarding yuan fen.
    because I know the meaning can be fated to be lovers or just be friends. or fated to meet but not fated to be together.

  2. Jocelyn,
    Great idea, I read in an interview some time ago that what you like the most about your blog and posts are the discussions that happen in our comments, this shows how true was that! You realized some of your readers are sharing the lessons learned from their failures and this will be an article, great idea!
    See below some brainstorming:
    ” Broken hearts, or well, not so broken”
    ” One less to find the one”
    Instead of double happiness:
    ” Single failure”

  3. @Jocelyn
    Jocelyn I was wondering if submitting a story is just for Chinese men and Western women? I do have a story I kind of want to share ^^;

  4. Hi,
    I know this is not the right place– but I’ve fallen in love with two girls at two different markets where I live in the Midwest. One works as a cashier and always turns red when I see her. One time she bumped into me and we locked eyes, and I smiled to her.

    The other one is at a Hyvee and everytime I go there, she is ready to help and looks at me with deep dark eyes.

    I am scared to go for one and forget the other. They are both beautiful ladies and I want them to be happy, but what do I do?


  5. BTW, Im Chinese and the two ladies are beautiful western girls….I’ve fallen in love with western girls in CA, but they tend to be very superficial ….

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