Guest Post: Asian Men Dominated this Hollywood Fashion Show and the Crowds LOVED it!

Today, I’m running a guest post from Ana Hudson, a model and photographer (who you might remember for a number of superhero-themed guest posts, such as 9 Powerful ‘AMWF Superman’ Photos to ‘Save’ Your Day).

Vince Kelvin, Designer Pam, and the Runway Models (Photo by DW Kim)

Friday, December 28th, 2018. It’s a chilly evening at the Complex Theater, but the pot was stirring across the lands of glamorous Hollywood. Once the trouble bubbled over into the night, the evening would soon be more thrilling than anyone ever expected. This was because the magic of Asian representation would enchant a fashion runway show:  all three male models, one female model, two of three expert photographers, and one clothing stylist represented Asian American backgrounds which included Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, and Indian heritage. Eastern European, Western European, African American, Middle Eastern American, and European American heritage also were contributors in the making of a beautiful production.

Fourteen people (seven models, seven crew members) came together that night to put on a beautiful runway show which featured the designs of Vampire Rockstar, which prides itself in being “made for the immortal rockstar in us all”. Vampire Rockstar, an epic clothing brand, whose designers and assistants have worked wonders in the fashion world and with well-known American rock artists such as Michael Jackson and Black Veiled Brides, would be dressing up our models in the amazing glamwear.

Vince Kelvin brings Designer Pam to the Stage who is Thrilled by Applause (Photo by Narendra Chowdary)

This event was held as a feature showcase of the Evolution of Consciousness Event headed by Vince Kelvin and Arash Zepar Dibazar, two globally known experts in seduction and elite lifestyle. Almost every year the duo hold a full weekend of action packed events with dynamic speakers and activities for men and women who are interested in bettering themselves through living life to the fullest and spicing up their dating lifestyle. Their convention this year was supposed to be a full panel of speakers including the leading lesbian dating coach Ana “Flye” Hudson, who suggested doing something more creative than lecturing this year. Instead of being another speaker, why not add in an event of entertainment and ambition? The idea of a fashion show came immediately to mind. Arash and Vince, powerful instructors of the dominant masculine and connoisseurs of the beautiful feminine, both agreed immediately. Flye had immediately set out to work and the glorious fashion show was born.

Models were greeted a few hours before the show to a private room where they would enjoy light refreshments; style their hair; be painted with makeup, kohl and glitter; and be fitted for clothes and shoes. Photographers snapped pictures and videos from behind the scenes, set up equipment, and prepared to be escorted into the red theater where they would capture the magical moments of fashion gracing the stage. The show started, the eyes in the audience danced across the stage as stunners and rockstars of all types walked smoothly to ’97 Jon B and Tupac Shakur. Yes, many would say the music was out of place. But it didn’t matter for everyone was lost in the beauty of it all. It was a night to remember, with moments captured that we are happy to share with the world. Check out images from our Fashion Show, including behind the scenes footage with the models!

Jasmine in the spotlight. Jasmine is an experienced model and actress who has walked many runways. (Photo by Narendra Chowdary)
Sidrich reigns on stage. (Photo by Tony Assi)
Christina Skaya rocks psychedelic colors (Photo by DW Kim)
Justin the Wolf. Justin works as a fitness trainer and as a Youtube entertainer under the name “NoobStrength” (Photo by Narendra Chowdary)
Elizanda Dingle graces the stage. (Photo by DW Kim)
Mike is bulletproof. Mike acts and enjoys making films. (Photo by Narendra Chowdary)
Brittany Paige gives a new meaning to the ‘Cat Walk’ (Photo by DW Kim)
Ana Hudson is overseeing the fashion show (Photo by DW Kim)


Runway Show Creator and Director: Ana “Flye” Hudson (IG: 6888.models)
Clothing Designer: Pam, “Vampire Rockstar Clothing” (IG: vampire_rockstar)
Assistant Designer: Al Bane (IG: al_bane)
Clothing Stylist and Coordinator: 
Brian Horowitz Chang (IG: thefashionmafiatoo)
Makeup Artist: Pam, “Vampire Rockstar Clothing”
DW Kim (IG: dwkim_ca)
Narenda Choudary (website:
Anthony “Tony” Assi (IG:
Justin Zhang (IG: noobstrength)
Mike James Wong (IG: mikejameswong)
Sidrich Chhour (IG: _sid_3rik)
Jasmine Winfrey (IG: jamine_winds)
Elizanda Dingle (IG: elizanda_dingle)
Christina Skaya (IG: christina.skaya)
Brittany Priestess Paige (IG:priestesspaige)

Ana “Flye” Hudson is the white-passing biracial author of the book “Pet: A Memoir” which details her passionate and thrilling life story dating Asian Dating Coach Jeff Khan. She currently works as a dating coach, dancer, model, and community manager. For fun Flye likes to vlog on Youtube, travel to fun places, and cook beef noodle soup and pasta e fagioli. She is currently working on her second novel and portfolio.

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