Wanted: Your Outstanding Guest Posts & Stories

2016 Blogs by Western Women who Love Chinese Men

One of the things I like about this blog is sharing new perspectives and opinions with the community. And I’d love to hear from you!

I’m always looking for fresh new guest posts and stories to share here.You don’t have to be a perfect writer as long as you have something interesting to say.

If you’ve ever thought about writing for this blog, there’s no better time than right now. As I’m recovering from my hospital stay, I’m hoping to line up more guest posts for the summer and beyond.

Interested? Learn more about the guidelines at the submit a post page — and get inspired by what I’ve already published in the guest post archives.

P.S.: I’ll be back on Monday with a fresh new post just for you — stay tuned!

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4 Replies to “Wanted: Your Outstanding Guest Posts & Stories”

  1. Wow, i as well love to share the good times i had with my chinese partner . Though i need to ask permission from him first if it is ok with him as my respect to his privacy. I still in suzhou now and the whole day i just try to enjoy the moment. While waiting for him to come back from work, i make sure the house is cleaned already and food is prepared,laundry is done. Afterwards, i go to the nearby mall to kill time. He would always mention i am a great woman with a very good heart and yet with a humble heart. he even once told me his parents would love me if knew me but i really do not know Jocelyn what made him not introduce me to his parents. My parents is based in America and he get along well with my parents even saying he loves my Mom so much but why can’t he allow me to give respect to his parents by visiting to his hometown? all i remember is after his friends against me bec of my country and bec he spend so much time to travel to my country he change his behavior. from a warm person i knew of him he became more serious and quiet. i know it is not good to ask advise from you as you are also ohysically not feeling well now and i am sorry. also added to the fact that this is a private matter between me and him should be dealt privately but i trust that you keep my email confidential. hope when you feel better soon you could give me some enlightenment. thank you as always.

  2. Wow what a cool surprise to click on this and see my pic!! I have lots of partly written /partly thought of blog posts and have always liked the idea of doing a guest post – let me have a think if there’s anything I could send. Hope you’re recovering well.

    1. Cat, I would love to run a guest post from you! If you need help, I’m happy to work with you on coming up with ideas. Just let me know via e-mail (jocelyn(at)speakingofchina.com)

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