Pooja and Robbie: Chindian Couple in Singapore Vlogs on Love, Life

If you’re looking for a new vlog to watch on Youtube, check out Pooja and Robbie, a Chindian (Chinese and Indian) couple who does videos highlighting their multicultural family backgrounds (Indian, Chinese, Singaporean and American) and culture.

In a Q&A about their interracial relationship, Robbie talked about how, when the two of them are in public, people often don’t assume they are a couple due to stereotypes — something I’ve also experienced with my husband.

Pooja also meets Robbie’s Chinese grandma, who shows how to prepare a special tofu dish that has been a tradition in the family. Watching this brought back memories of spending time with my mother-in-law in her kitchen, learning how to cook all kinds of specialty foods, including my favorite flatbread.

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      1. Heartfelt Congratulation to Pooja & Robbie from Sweden ! Also express our deep sense of Gratitude to Jocelyn for connecting us all ! Warmly Charlotte & PK

  1. Haha…!!

    It seems that the section “the blogs I like” hasn`t updated yet for a while…

    Here some that I know:

    2WongsMIR aka Jon & Jackie, a Chinese American with his american wife and their kids:


    Their friends:

    John Le (a Vietnamese American) and his wife Margaret: https://www.youtube.com/c/JohnLe

    Rice&Potato: a Vietnamese guy with his Norwegian wife/girlfriend


    Cantonese couple: Steve & Jordan with their 3 kids:


    Anna Sacilotto: A French woman with her Taiwanese husband and their daughter:


    Kaisa A: a Finnish woman & her Chinese husband:


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