Guest Post: Video – A Chinese Street Food and Dessert Tour of Singapore

Singapore is a heaven for foodies, and this guest post and video from Pooja and Robbie shows some of the best Chinese street foods and desserts from the city. Let’s take a look!

What’s the best part about being in an intercultural relationship? For me, it’s getting to try new food.

Growing up in an Indian household, when we ordered Chinese food it was the standard takeout options like fried noodles, spring rolls and General Tso’s chicken. My boyfriend wanted to introduce me to some of the local Chinese street food and Chinese desserts that he grew up with in Singapore.

I tried so many interesting dishes including grass jelly, sea coconut sago, cheng teng, salted green bean bun, egg tart, soya beancurd and fried durian. If you enjoy watching a good taste test video, check out the latest Food Vlog from Pooja & Robbie!

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3 Replies to “Guest Post: Video – A Chinese Street Food and Dessert Tour of Singapore”

  1. I saw their video that they did with Robbie’s grandma. Grandma was keeping it real. I don’t know her but I love her, haha. Bless all grandmas.

  2. Their videos are making my mouth water so early in the morning! I think one of my favorite things about Chinese cuisine is the “beauty” foods. Foods that are rich in collagen (like pig feet) have been used to keep the skin young for centuries. I love eating anything with ginseng, especially the “shots” that are mixed with pomegranate juice.

    I’m also happy to say that I got married one week ago! Due to Covid, we had a small ceremony with just our parents. I loved wearing my qipao and including both sets of parents in the tea ceremony. Next year we’ll have a Hong Kong style banquet with a much larger tea ceremony!

  3. Glass jelly is a herbal thingy. it is refreshing and has a herbal taste. Delicious! What is called Cheng Teng here is another healthy herbal concoction consisting of a mixture of red dates, gingko, logan etc that makes for another refreshing drink whether the hot or iced edition hehehe……I am not an egg tart fan. But love the lo por peng and the fried durian. Of course we Asians love durians! We have all the food featured in the video here in Malaysia, too. Including the soya bean drink.

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