Racist Rant Against Chinese Gets Foreigner in China Fired and Booted From China

Last week, Austrian Mark Kolars, who had worked at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, posted a number of extremely racist comments on LinkedIn which went viral on Chinese social media. That led to him getting suspended from his job and subsequently booted out of China, as reported by the South China Morning Post:

One of them [Kolars’ comments] read: “not racism, just don’t like dirty yellow guys, talking trash all day long, who cares about your leaders, we are here to make money and you need us. Without us to begin with you would still wear rice heads”.

In another, Kolars referred to his son as “a mix of European Caucasian and Asien [sic] Chinese blood. Europe as bench mark which China will never reach. Not smart enough. Inbreeding for too long. Nature strives for genetic variances.”

He has a Chinese wife, and of course his son is part Chinese, which makes his racist tirade against Chinese people all the more stunning.

As the Global Times reported:

Kolars on Tuesday night apologized on LinkedIn, saying the posts “were inappropriate and racist in nature and hurt the feelings of my Chinese friends and colleagues, and caused a very bad impact in the society.”

Nevertheless, he’s leaving China — for good. According to a report in China Daily:

On Friday, the office of exit and entry control of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau said in a statement that it revoked Kolars’ work-related residence permit on Thursday. It also stated that the Austrian had been asked to leave the country within a specified period of time.

What do you think about Mark Kolars’ racist comments and the consequences he suffered as a result?

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35 Replies to “Racist Rant Against Chinese Gets Foreigner in China Fired and Booted From China”

  1. OMG, this hurts my heart to read. I think of all of my beloved Chinese friends, and I’m just sick at these words. Every time I think people are becoming more enlightened and inclusive, something like this comes along and hits me in the gut.

    1. RE: Louise Bell:

      There has never been an “enlightened” period in human history. Ever. Human history is defined by competition over resources, conflict, and struggle. Ever since Grog the caveman bashed his neighbor Rarg’s brains out with his club because he caught him trying to steal the carcass of the deer that he had killed earlier. Those who want peace and happiness, always be prepared for war.

      I am not a man of big ambitions. I go to work, pay my taxes, and make sure that my family is safe. And I will do anything to make sure that what I rightfully earned does not end up in another’s pockets, no matter what “government” they represent or uniform that they wear. I have a M1911-A1 pistol loaded with 230 grain JHP+P ammunition in the drawer right next to me as I am typing this for this exact reason. Justice, rights, and comforts of life are not given. They have to be earned through sweat, blood, and toil…

  2. Somehow this makes me wonder if he has become mentally ill? To say these things when his wife in Chinese?

    What he said has either been bottled up inside and hidden for a long time or come out of some brain dysfunction that has recently developed.

    Either way, I think sending him out of China was the right thing to do.

    1. Well, I’m sure we all know the classic excuse, “I can’t be racist because I have a black friend.” The fact that this guy is married to a Chinese woman actually makes perfect sense if you think about all the white nationalists/supremacists who have an Asian fetish. Plus, this guy is probably one of those guys who gloats about taking a Chinese woman to stick it to the Chinese men.

  3. not surprising at all. he may have married a chinese, it DOES NOT mean he likes chinese. why do i say that? i think my brother-in-law’s wife is just like this guy. there have been too many incidents with her that i say she does not like chinese. i believe she married my brother-in-law because he is a doctor. here in canada, doctor is a very well paid job. actually, she was the one who chased after him. for her, if she could not married a white doctor, a chinese doctor would do !!!!
    for this guy, i say good riddance !!!!

  4. i forgot to say that he might have married a chinese girl because there was no white girls around him in china and so he settled for a chinese girl. after all, a man has needs only a woman can provide!!!

      1. “Most single white women in China do not date local men. They are looking for only white men”

        David. Really? Are you a Chinese? Cause I felt you are based on what you are saying. Well I’m a Chinese as well and I have dated multiple white girls already. I would like to add some words.

        Let’s be realistic. Yes there are many, and by many I meant probably more then 50% white girls would not date Asian. But that also means there are still A LOT of them would. Chinesemen with other ethnicity are indeed rare. Why that’s happening? Is this all due to racism? From my observation, not really. You can’t blame those who wouldn’t consider Asian. That’s just what it is. Half a century ago it’s even illegal in the west. Racism is just a matter of life. On the other hand I found interesting that there are so many problems among Chinese men as well. We don’t excise enough, hygiene, traditional to name a few. But that’s changing slowly. It’s their mentally I’m concerned the most.

        1. Your “White girl don’t date Asian guys” thinking really rooted in most of them. Surly more than all the white girls who are open-minded. So Chinese guys don’t approach in the first place. I have so many girls told me that they wish Chinese guys could approach and that is not happening.
        2. They do feel racially inferior to a degree. Tho that’s changing.
        3. They have bad manor, at least in terms of approaching girls. For example Chinese men have trouble looking into girls eye. A German girl told me that she love Tony Leung because he knows how to look at women.

        Above are just a few. I can write a long article about it. I want to smash your ridiculous theory here. Which happens to be true on the surface. Personally speaking, I don’t have trouble picking up any girls regardless of their ethnicity. I would like to encourage my countrymen (including you David) to go out there and take action.

        1. One more thing…American Born Asians exercise here in the US are fit and well built…actually dating between Asians and whites is rarer here in the US than in Asia. In fact, outside big cities, any form of IR is rare. For white people in places such as Cape Girardeau, MO dating skin color TRUMPS everything…other than DONALD TRUMP of course…and there are a lot of Cape Girardeau’s in the US. So the issue is not Chinese…the issue is “but they are not white.”

        2. RE: Concerned:

          Many Chinese guys, both mainland and American born/raised, do NOT approach women or “make the first move”. I am one of them. Many guys do not want to risk being thought of as a creep, get talked about behind their backs, or risk being put in a vulnerable position. The few very long lasting relationships I had been in were the result of the women approaching me first and I appreciated it that way, and they did too. Too many guys out there try to approach, and fail, and it is quite entertaining and pathetic to watch. I never put myself out there in the open.

          Oh, and regarding the racist little clown that this thread is talking about? Meh, there ain’t no problem in this world that a good asswhooping can’t solve. Some might have differing views but I am from the streets…

        3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. The HuffPost article that David linked to (https://www.huffpost.com/entry/why-wont-western-women-date-chinese-men_b_5827240) does really encapsulate my thoughts on the matter. I do agree there are more and more white women open to dating Chinese men, though we are still much rarer compared to our counterparts (white men with Chinese women). If you do want to write something to share your perspective on the matter, I would welcome your submission.

  5. Only white people have the —– to make racist statements against non-whites when they are guests in the non-white people’s guest country. I have seen some of this in Singapore. A few years ago a MO woman from a town called Cape Girardeau got shown the door from Singapore because she does not like Asians. So for me, nothing new here.

  6. Must be inferiority-complex pathology at work here! Did some Chinese put a gun to his head and force him to work in the Middle Kingdom and to marry a Chinese woman? Hahaha…….Says alot about himself. He must have felt small and humiliated that the China and the Chinese people he looks down on were his provider hohoho……Man, grow up! If you feel inferior as a Caucasian, be Chinese hehehe…..Don’t be so silly, a loser and harsh on yourself. Life is more than race and all the childishness attendant. Go out, breath some fresh air and clear the colour cobwebs within and say hello to life!

    1. At least there are some white folks like this in Singapore…many do not spew racist stuff but have been sending money and backing right wing candidates back in Europe. However, they are not too happy about interracial dating and marriages…yes Chinese-White…and yes, plenty of those in Australia…Please read the comments in the following link…..


  7. http://global.chinadaily.com.cn/a/201911/18/WS5dd24359a310cf3e3557824c.html

    Very true….”China is embracing more open immigration policies to attract foreign talents through the issuance of green cards and easy access to scholarships. This kind of approach toward a more globalized world deserves respect from foreigners. It is time for some foreigners to understand that the time of unrestricted privileges is long gone.”

    Guess he is talking about unrestricted WHITE privileges…

  8. This does not surprise me, especially since the Austrians elected for an extreme right-wing government. Many people there still have a lot of racist prejudice against foreigners.

    1. @Kalvinator…same here in the US…we elected Trump with Steven Miller as his advisor. You can bet the same with Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson in the UK. At least the white English will be endorsing the policy of one way street. Right of the English to work in places such as China and even be racist while they live there…while being anti-immigrant, anti-Asian or anti-Chinese at home.

  9. My heart breaks for Mark Kolars’ child and wife. There is almost no context provided by this article or the article cited, but the situation sounds so extreme that I cannot imagine that there is any way to repair the parent – child relationship. I have to wonder if Mr. Kolars has experienced or is currently experiencing the adult onset of some form of schizophrenia. Whatever the explanation, I hope that his wife is strong enough to protect and ensure the safety of their child as well as her own. It is the
    child who needs to be her number one priority in this terrible situation. I hope she has strong support from her family and friends. It would probably be in her best interests to stay in China.

  10. As far as I concern, in some countries where Caucasian is majority, Asian sometimes have to fight a few Caucasian men off to date white girls. I did that before…

    The guy got deported, well done!!! There is no place for him in China. We don’t take trash.

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