4 Awkward Things I’ve Heard in China as a Married Woman With No Kids – Pub’d on WWAM Bam

Today, the group blog WWAM Bam just ran my latest post, 4 Awkward Things I’ve Heard in China as a Married Woman With No Kids. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

In a China where “married with kids” is the unspoken rule, I’m the ultimate oddity – a longtime married woman who has no children. I love my Chinese husband, and I love living in China. But over the years, it has meant getting used to some awkward comments and questions from curious people.

Here are 4 awkward things I’ve heard in China as a married woman with no kids:

#1: “How many children do you have?”

In China, asking if you’re married and have kids is as common as the question “How are you?” in the West. A way to show people care. After all, the assumption for most people in China is, if you’re married you have kids. It’s filial to give birth to the next generation and carry on the family line.

It’s why people are stunned to discover I’m child-free.

Sometimes, people will leapfrog over the question of whether I actually have kids – thinking I’m just like the average married couple in China – to how many I have. Never thinking, of course, that I actually have no kids at all.


There’s no avoiding awkwardness here. I invariably have to say something like, “Uh, sorry, I don’t have children.” Sometimes leading to an embarrassing pause in the conversation.

But more often than not, this is followed by another awkward question:

To experience all my awkward moments in their full glory, read the entire article at WWAM Bam. And if you love it, share it!

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2 Replies to “4 Awkward Things I’ve Heard in China as a Married Woman With No Kids – Pub’d on WWAM Bam”

  1. Makes me curious how people will react when they learn I am not married but do have a child…although awkward as I imagine, especially when my son will start attending a language school.

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