Delivering a Little Love and Care for Chinese New Year – Pub’d in China Daily

China Daily just published my latest monthly column Delivering a little love and care for Chinese New Year.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

Less than 24 hours after I had placed an online order on Alibaba’s Tmall Supermarket, my father-in-law’s jubilant voice on the other end of the phone conversation confirmed that everything had been delivered straight to his home in rural Zhejiang province.

Yes, he had received the six bottles of French red wine, the three red-and-gold boxes of assorted Xinjiang dates and walnuts, and the two tins of ginseng — our Chinese New Year presents for the family.

Just as he felt such excitement over receiving the bounty of gifts we had chosen, I was thrilled by the remarkable convenience and ease of the whole online transaction.

Years before, not a single express delivery company guaranteed next-day shipping straight to someone’s door in my in-laws’ mountainous rural village, located over 20 kilometers away from the more urban county seat. Most orders used to take at least two to three days and usually required a trip by the recipient to the local express delivery station for pickup.

But now, I didn’t have to worry about whether my father-in-law could possibly lug all those bottles of wine and boxes of dates and walnuts back home from the station by himself, thanks to Tmall Supermarket and their attentive service.

I’m certain my husband Jun’s family never imagined that one day, they would receive Chinese New Year goods, known as nianhuo, through home delivery. Traditionally, you would present them in person during the holidays. But we wouldn’t be able to reunite with the family this year. And Tmall Supermarket’s promise to deliver right to their house, the following day, made it the next best way to send them something special for the season.

You can read the full column here — and if you like it, share it!

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