Featured in MetroStyle Beijing August Issue, “Love Is All You Need”

Cover Story for MetroStyle Beijing August 2012The bilingual MetroStyle Beijing magazine just featured me — as well as fabulous fellow blogger Jo Gan of Life Behind The Wall — in their August cover story titled Love Is All You Need. Here’s a snippet of the article:

Jocelyn is confident that the attitude towards dating Chinese men is changing. “I know we’re probably still nowhere close to closing the cross-cultural relationship gap that exists”, she explains, “(however) I once read a statistic that in 2009, of the 2,400 some marriages between Chinese and foreigners that year, only about 300 of them were made up of a foreign woman and Chinese man. But I really feel like Western women who, say, go to Beijing for a semester or to work, are not necessarily as likely to just write the whole idea off as they might have decades before.”

Read the entire cover story in this PDF version, and if you like it, share it.

Thanks also to Nikki Aaron for reaching out to me for this story!

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6 Replies to “Featured in MetroStyle Beijing August Issue, “Love Is All You Need””

  1. Highly disagree with the statement “love is all you need.” I have seen many marriages that start off with lots of love but money, family, health, miscommunication, and all sorts problems that kill it. Love is definitely the most important ingredient but it is not the only ingredient you need in a successful relationship.

  2. thanks 4 sharing this wonderful article about love. i will send u some donations 2 your paypal when my credit card is up n running 4 setting up this wonderful website about love without any boundaries. i s liberal supports this mixed marriage movement. haha. ^^

    i can open the file without any problems here. it could b your browser problems.

  3. Love is a big factor in a relationship/marriage. If a guy barely makes ends meet, do consider him too. Don’t assume a guy who has a business is well off financially. Some are assets rich but cash poor.

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