Double Happiness: A Brazilian-Chinese Love Story That Started With Football

A bride topper made for a cake that was a gift from a bride-to-be to her soccer lover fiance on his birthday.
(photo by Ban Tell)

I’ll be honest, it’s been a challenging summer for us. Moving across country, getting settled in, even my husband’s whole internship thing (he still faces uncertainty in some respects, but that’s another story…sigh).

But then, days before, I found this little postcard of a love story in my inbox — in Portuguese. Well, I don’t know Portuguese. But between my Spanish minor from college and a little help from Google Translate, I worked the story out — and was touched. In the midst of all of the difficulties, I found a little something that made me smile, and restored my faith in the world.

Thank you for this story, Diandra, you saved me from my summer blues. Muito obrigado.


This is a beautiful story of love between a Brazilian woman and a Chinese man from Sichuan Province that begins on the football pitch of a condominium.

I was playing football and he was cheering for us. At the end of the game, I went over to a distant chair to rest and drink some iced water. I suddenly realized he was coming towards me, and then asked me my name. We exchanged phone numbers. The next day, my phone rang and it was him, asking me to go with him to the movies to see a love story. That’s how he and I first came to know each other four years ago.

Now we are married and have a couple of beautiful children — Lays, who is three, and Pedro who is one. I thank God for helping me find a wonderful, loving husband and excellent father.

Each day we work hard together to give our children the best we can. One day, my dream is to finally have a civil or church wedding ceremony and to finally visit and know the country that is China — but so far this has not been possible. I pray to God, that he may help us realize all our dreams and bless us with prosperity every year.



How did you meet? Why do you love him/her (or Chinese men/Western women)? How two different people “complete each other” in unexpected ways? We’re looking for a few good stories from Chinese men and Western women in love to share on Fridays. Submit your original story or a published blog post today.

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11 Replies to “Double Happiness: A Brazilian-Chinese Love Story That Started With Football”

  1. I liked the story.
    There are people who see race mixing is an act of genocide, especially whites with non whites. Have you white women who married outside your race ever worried about whites dying out?
    Ps: I couldn’t care less about who marries who. Just wanted you guys offer some counter points to the race mixing issue I mentioned above.
    Keep up the good work, joce

  2. As comedian Russell Peters jokingly says, white people are almost collector’s items. My Australian born Vietnamese boyfriend laughed at that. I think it’s funny.

  3. You know life is a wave in the ocean. You have high and low wave like you have good time and bad time in your life. It’s frustrating at times but we MUST overcome our problems then everything will be fine.


  4. Hi, My name is Laura Banks and I am doing some research into interracial chinese marriages for my university dissertation. I would love to be able to use your story, would you be willing to fill in a survey for me? Thank you laura banks

  5. what a sweet story. although i m not such a fanatic 4 brazilian girls but i dont mind dating one especially models like gisele bundchen makes me drool like waterfall like crazy. ^^

  6. Very interesting story.. Im brazilian and I can answer so question over there..
    Someone asked if whites are afraid of dissapear..
    I don´t know about other countries, but in Brazil people don´t care or segregate people based on race, like in USA for example, half population of Brazil is white, but you don´t see or listen people saying: “.. Blabla Someday, a white guy walked through me”..
    Since Brazil is a multiethincal and mix society ( however there are still “pure” whites and blacks, even asians), interracional marriages are very common here..
    Ps: Im brazilian and I love Chinese women.

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