From the Archives: It’s January, But the Holidays Aren’t Over

Here in the Northern US, January can hit you like a bad after-Christmas hangover. Suddenly, everyone’s pulling the plug on their merry outdoor Christmas lighting. You see sad little evergreens — once Christmas trees — tossed on the side of the road for garbage collection. And as if that weren’t enough, you’ve still got to hustle through the two coldest months of the year.

Thank god I’m married to a Chinese.

The addition of Chinese New Year to my holiday calendar not only stretches my season out almost three months, but also gives me a sense of anticipation and excitement during a time of the year when most Americans wouldn’t expect it.

As I’m getting back into the swing of 2013 — and getting over a cold — I thought I’d share a few posts from the archives related to Chinese New Year. I’ll be back with regular posting starting on Monday, January 7.

January in China: The Holidays aren’t over yet. This classic entry of mine captures the excitement of Chinese New Year during one January in Shanghai.

Carolyn J. Phillips: On Charming A Chinese Family Through Food. We all know Chinese New Year is really about the food. Last year, I interviewed Carolyn Phillips, a yangxifu who has devoted her adult life to mastering the art of Chinese cooking, about her passion, and she offers a banquet of inspiration for your Chinese New Year’s feast.

How to Spend Chinese New Year Overseas, For Busy People. This one goes out to all of you who aren’t in China, but are still pining for the Chinese New Year you once loved.

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2 Replies to “From the Archives: It’s January, But the Holidays Aren’t Over”

  1. I’ve always fantasized and dream of celebrating Chinese New Years with a special someone. Unfortunately, my Korean ex never took advantage of making that particular dream come true.

  2. This year we will spend the Chinese New Year in Spain, and we spent the 2013 New Year in China, we always do the things in the “wrong ” way!

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