Photo Essay: Walking in a (China) Winter Wonderland

Okay, don’t hate me for saying this, but…here in China, I actually look forward to the winter.

I know, I know. This is winter after all. The coldest season of the year!

But here in the Hangzhou region, winter happens to be one of the best seasons for hiking. And ever since we’ve discovered a beautiful little hideaway in the mountains, it’s become our own private “winter wonderland” for evening walks.


When John and I happen to stay at his family home in rural Hangzhou, the best part of our afternoon comes when we pull on our fleece (or nowadays, down) jackets and head for the hills.


The first time we discovered this corner of the mountains, I think my heart stopped. I couldn’t believe how utterly beautiful the scenery was. Or how it was literally just a short drive from his parents’ home in the countryside.


It always feels like these hills are filled with treasures, even in the winter. Just look at the Persimmon trees just behind me. They may have lost their leaves long ago, but those ruby-red persimmons still cling to the branches, just daring you to pick them.

1444284656697Mountain springs flow down the hillside, creating lovely little waterfalls like this one.


There’s even quite the waterfall running straight through this gorge — and it’s best viewed in the wintertime.


Sometimes the clouds even put on a show for us.


Wishing you a a very happy holiday season! And may you too find your own private winter wonderland, wherever you are in the world!


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13 Replies to “Photo Essay: Walking in a (China) Winter Wonderland”

    1. Thanks Autumn! Not much snow here, unfortunately. Maybe one or two or three days with a dusting of it, but it melts fast. Though we did find icicles in the waterfall, since it does get chilly up in the mountains!

  1. Oh, I like the winter too… For a few reasons: I’m always too warm, people can dress more fashionably… cuddling. =]

    Nice pics! I forget how dramatic the geography can look in China. Happy holidays guys.

  2. Wow, what a sky!
    Hangzhou has some really beautiful scenery. In April I went to Meijiawu (close to Longjing, just a short drive from Hangzhou) during the tea picking season and it was gorgeous. You should totally check it out if you haven’t been there!

    I am also a big fan of winter, but only if the heating is on 😀

  3. Wow! I love that mini waterfall… so beautiful! And look at those clouds!

    Actually, I love winter too. There’s something wonderful and comforting about bundling up in a coat, scarf and mittens. I much prefer China’s winters to its humid summers.

    Have a happy new year Jocelyn!

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