Saluting Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

(Photograph by Williams + Hirakawa, via
(Photograph by Williams + Hirakawa, via

It’s May and that means it’s Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month once again!

Since I’ve had an exceptionally eventful past week (one that unfortunately included me throwing up the other night…yikes!), I thought I’d take this time to dig into the archives and instead honor some of the fine Asian-Pacific American writers who have contributed to this blog over the past year.

That 4th of July When I Met My White Girlfriend’s Racist Grandpa. A smashing post from the fab blogger Big Asian Package with one of my favorite quotes (“You’re Chinese, I know you are,” he says quietly, triumphantly, like he’s got me checkmated.)

Fair to Say Asian Men Prefer White Women? This compelling post from Big Asian Package was one of the top guest posts for 2015, and is it any wonder with a topic like that?

How I Came to Write Gay (Asian Male/Western Male) Romance Novels. Author Atom Yang‘s pathway to publication “took a lot of heartbreak, time, and eventually meeting the man of [his] dreams.”

On Sex Education in China’s Tang Dynasty Era. Sex is always a hot topic, and this post from author Weina Dai Randel — complete with a few blush-worthy moments — doesn’t disappoint.

I’ll be back next week with a fresh new post!


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