The Best Posts on Speaking of China in 2017

The holidays are upon us and the end of the year is near! If you’re looking for a few great reads, why not peruse my roundup of the best posts from 2017 on Speaking of China?

The Top 5 Posts by Views:

Guest Post: How a Chinese Student Found Love in Finland

It’s always exciting to hear love stories from the guy’s perspective.  I was thrilled to share this tale of how Zhao, a Chinese student in Finland, fell in love with a Finnish girl and eventually married her.

Interview with Lita, China’s WeChat Cookie Queen

If you’ve never heard of Lita (also known as China’s cookie queen on WeChat) you’re missing out on her cookie pies and other baked goods.

Are China’s AMWF Couples Rarer Just Because Only 25% of Foreigners in China Are Women?

A Global Times article featuring me prompted a conversation about why AMWF couples are rarer, leading one person to suggest it was a matter of gender demographics among foreigners in China.

3 Stereotypes About Asian Men I’m Tired Of Hearing

My marriage to a Chinese man wasn’t just the culmination of a beautiful love affair. It also kicked off the start of a new education for me, his white American wife. A true initiation into the world of racism, prejudice, and all of those unfortunate stereotypes I wish Westerners didn’t have about Asians, including Asian men.

2017 Blogs by Western Women Who Love Chinese Men

Back in March 2017, I unveiled the annual list of blogs by women in the AMWF community — there were 53 for this year! Take a look and discover some new great reads.

My 5 Personal Favorites (in Order of Appearance in 2017):

How “Italian Eggplant” Divided Us, and Then United Us in Love

The old saying goes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But what of a woman’s heart? I have to wonder if that’s even more true for us, especially after the culinary feat my husband accomplished this year.

Marrying Someone from Your Culture Is No Guarantee of Happiness

So much is written about the vulnerability of intercultural and international couples, that we’re supposedly more likely to divorce. While new studies suggest this just isn’t true, a lot of people still believe you’re better off marrying someone from your own culture/country.

To The Girl Tired of Hearing, “Why Would You Date Chinese Men?”

The other day, you told me how people constantly ask you, “Why would you date Chinese men?” You recalled that girl who grimaced at you just because you dared to date men in China. You said you felt like you were spending so much energy and time trying to defend your choices. You sounded tired of it all.

“You Must Be Russian” – On Mistaken Identity in China and America

It felt like a total a palm-in-face moment. After all, hadn’t he read my CV, which explicitly stated I was an American, in bold letters?

Is Beijing China’s Best City for Western Women Married to Chinese Men?

So I’ve been thinking about Beijing and its status as the unofficial epicenter of the AMWF community in China. What makes Beijing the number one city for couples of Western women and Chinese men?

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