Featured in China Daily Article: Western Women, Chinese Men

Western wife and Chinese husband jumping up as they hold hands together
Megan Millward and husband Zhang Lie -- one of the couples of Western women and Chinese men featured in this China Daily article (photo from http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/)

In case you missed it (or, like me, you spent the weekend away — in my case, a wedding in Hangzhou — and are just catching up), the China Daily just published an article titled Western Women, Chinese Men — about the growing trend of marriages between Western women and Chinese men. It features me, as well as fellow bloggers Jo Gan of Life Behind the Wall and Melanie Parsons Gao from The Downtown Diner. Here’s an excerpt from the article with some quotes from me and my husband:

Jocelyn Eikenburg, a 33-year-old American who blogs on speakingofchina.com, had a similar experience [of having the relationship get serious fast] when she first began dating her husband, Jun Yu. “Immediately after we first started dating, he was calling me laopo.” That is Chinese for “wife”.

She was surprised by how quickly the relationship had gone from friend to potential spouse. Her blog focuses on cross-cultural relationships between Chinese men and Western women.

Family can also be another hurdle for many foreign women in relationships with Chinese men.

When Jun told his family about his relationship with Eikenburg, his father did not approve. “He cautioned me about dating a foreign girl and did not want me to get hurt,” Jun says.

His family’s attitude toward their son dating a foreign woman quickly changed when Eikenburg went home with Jun for Chinese New Year. When she showed his father pictures of her family at home, “it really opened him up”, she says. As filial piety is important to Chinese families, Eikenburg says that experience helped break down barriers….

Read the full article here — and if you love it, share it. Thanks!


12 Replies to “Featured in China Daily Article: Western Women, Chinese Men”

  1. I really wonder what Dan at the China Law Blog would say. There’s been so much coverage in the Chinese news lately about shengnu women — which is really a cover for the 30 million bare branches — that I have to wonder how this relates to that. Is this really a Me Thinks Thou Doth Protest Too Much piece?

  2. Hi Idiotfish,
    Thanks for your comment and reading the story. To clarify, this wasn’t meant to be about “shengnu” or trying to say something isn’t true that is true… This was one of a package of stories many about cross-cultural marriages focusing on the more rare pairing of Chinese men with Western women. Not too sure how it falls in to the “shengnu” or “Me thinks Thou Doth Protest Too Much” category, so I’m curious as to where you got that from?

    1. @Melanie, the feeling’s definitely mutual.

      @Mary Katherine, thanks for the reply! I was just about to step in and you beat me to it!

      @idiotfish, I would echo Mary Katherine’s comments here.

      Don’t see the “shengnu” connection here either. Yes, one of the couples did say she considered her marriage positive because there are so many Chinese men who will be without partners — but that was the woman’s own opinion and not really presented as some central issue in the article.

      As for the truth of the article, I don’t see anything in that article that is really misrepresenting anything or trying to hide something.

      Maybe you can clue us in on what you think the article seems to be hiding — and as Mary Katherine asked, why you think it has a connection w/ shengnu.

  3. Hi Jocelyn, thanks for blogging about that article and congrats to have made news in the China Daily! I’ll make sure to share it with my hubby, who’s very proud of his foreign wifey and specially his mixed-race baby girl!

  4. This is Chinese man was so luck. I am also very want find a foreigner white women for my wife. Why I always
    no any chance to meet them? I am living and working in Shanghai very nice and nice-looking Chinese gentleman. I am yearn for marry with the western white women age as 24-35 years old ok for me. Thanks! who can help me and who can introduce for me?

  5. @FrankZhao

    Hey, dude, your tonality sounds desperate, western women don’t like that type of men. Unless some kind of asian fetish…get some charms and learn to be an alpha male first…good luck

  6. @FrankZhao …. I think you sound just fine. I don’t think you sound desperate at all. All I hear is that you are having problems meeting a western woman. I hope you meet someone. Maybe through your workplace? or interests outside of work? It is so hard to be an ‘alpha male’ on demand, and not necessarily attractive to western women either! Being introduced is the best way. The problem is that Chinese men are sometimes shy, and suitable western women might be on the shy side too… good luck! 🙂

  7. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-an-alpha-male.htm, just in case there are readers who are confused about the term… like me! The description within this link, at least, only serves to turn me off ‘alpha-male’ qualities … ‘beta males’ better reflect all the Chinese men I am lucky enough to have met. Really, defining the ‘type’ of male one must be to attract women undermines all western women AND all Chinese/Asian men.

  8. Alpha male theory huh? Just don’t be too soft 24/7. Be kind and respect
    people in general and people will hook you up w/women left and right.being too aggressive and w/ all alpha male characteristics can hurt your relationship too. Balance is the key. I’m soft but dont try to use or cheat me. Giant is sleeping lol

  9. I never consider myself an Alpha Asian Male. I love to help people and people like to help me also. I like to learn from my mistakes. I like being humble and people normally don’t expect me to be a person like this. I love to socialize w/ good people. Once, people know you as a person, they will start thinking ” I want a bf/husband, son in law just like you”. You can reply”men like me are extinct like dinosaurs” . They will get the joke and laugh with you. After that, it’s smooth sailing for you.

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