My Best Posts on Speaking of China in 2015

As we say farewell to 2015, I’d like to share the best posts on this site – including the top five by views and my five own personal favorites.

 The Top 5 Posts by Views:

#5: How could I forget about the cultural differences in my intercultural marriage?
Earlier in 2015, someone asked me during an interview, “Tell me about some cultural differences between you and your husband.” You would have thought I had a million things to say on the topic. But I didn’t — and as it turned out, I realized there was a very important reason why.

#4: Why I’m tired of hearing “you’ll have a hard life” about interracial relationships.
Loving versus Virginia may have paved the way for legal interracial marriage in the US, but it sure didn’t stop people from telling you how “tough” it’s going to be. I shared my reasons why I’m tired of hearing this — and turns out, this post spoke to many of you.

#3: Is Beijing Becoming Dangerous for Couples of Foreign Men and Chinese Women?

This past Christmas, a number of Embassies in Beijing issued warnings of possible attacks on Westerners in the Sanlitun area — prompting many of us to recall how a Chinese woman just married to a French man was stabbed to death in August 2015. I posted about this incident back in August, and it got a lot of you talking.

#2: 3 Challenging Things About Meeting the Parents for People in Intercultural/Interracial Relationships.
When John first told his parents about me, here’s what his father said: “You can be friends with foreign women but not date them.” Yikes.

It’s challenging when you’re meeting the parents and you’re in an intercultural and/or interracial relationship — and these three major challenges I shared resonated with a lot of you.

#1: 4 Habits I’ve Learned from my Chinese Husband.
I had a lot of fun writing this post and sharing some of the things I’ve picked up from my marriage to John — and more of you enjoyed it than any other post in 2015.

My 5 Personal Favorites (In Order of Appearance in 2015):

“What will they think?” The fear of being seen as a failure before family at Chinese New Year.
Chinese New Year is one of those times when it seems like everyone in the family makes it their business to criticize your life. And it’s not always easy.

Why it’s a really bad idea to teach your spouse your language.
Why “pillow talk” is not necessarily one of the secret language learning hacks — and how teaching your spouse your language could wreak havoc in your marriage.

Mom, if only you could have known the person I became after China.
This Mother’s Day tribute to my late mother became the inspiration for a piece I wrote for the Wall Street Journal.

The Courage to Blog Personally About Love, Family and Marriage in China.
When a reader wrote to say she thought I was courageous in sharing my personal stories online, her words inspired this post.

Why Did I Assume I Would Stay Single in China?
After Rosie in Beijing publicly explored some of her own prejudices in a post titled, “Why Did I Assume I’d Never Find a Man to Date in China?”, I realized I had a similar story to share — and ended up writing this post.

What would you like to see me write about in 2016?

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