The Best Guest Posts on Speaking of China for 2016

GUESTPOST1One of the greatest joys of this blog has been opening it up to other voices and sharing fascinating stories and views from people around the world.

As 2016 comes to a close, I’d like to salute the top five guest posts on Speaking of China by views. And remember, if you have a great idea for a post that would fit this site, check out my submit a post page and contact me today.

#5: I Shouldn’t Be Dating in My Own Country

Going abroad can change you a lot — sometimes, enough to realize you were never meant to date your own countrymen.

That’s the conclusion of Lena, the blogger behind Lena Around, who believes the cultural differences between her and the local Danes are too great for her to go out with them.

#4: The Traditional Chinese Wedding That Changed Me & My Dating Preferences

Have you ever attended a wedding that changed the way you thought about yourself — and who you want to date? That’s what happened to Joanna Scarpuzzi, who wrote, “Even though I thought I had grown up under much Chinese culture and influence, nothing had prepared me for the experience that this wedding was.”

#3: She Broke My Heart and Saved My Life – the Cheerio Girl Story

How many of you have had your heart broken? I’m willing to bet pretty much everyone reading this has their own sad, crushing stories of love lost.

Well, Ning Li of Ning Li Dating graciously offered to share his first heartbreak – and why, in the long run, he’s grateful for everything that happened with her, even the painful times.

#2: 5 Reasons You Might Not Find Your Mr. Right in Asia

As we all know, AMWF couples are much rarer around the world, including in Asia.

In this guest post, Anne Moss offered five reasons why it might be harder for Western women to meet that Mr. Right in Asia.

#1: How I Met My Asian Christian Grey (Reader Discretion Advised)

Flye Hudson, a Lesbian Pickup Artist, shared the story of how she met her “Asian Christian Grey” in this guest post. She also revealed an excerpt from her new memoir PET., the story of how she was seduced by her Asian Christian Grey and how they both joined forces to become prominent members of the underground seduction community.

What were your favorite guest posts in 2016? And what voices would you like to see featured here in 2017?

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  1. Hi Jocelyn!

    I’m very happy to see that you included me in this post. Thank you very much for that. I’m so happy to be able to post my stories here on your website. I love sharing my dating experience with your audience who are always so nice and chatty. I’m looking forward to read more from you and other guest bloggers 🙂

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