My Best Posts on Speaking of China in 2016

As we say farewell to 2016, I’d like to share the best posts on this site – including the top five by views and my five own personal favorites.

img_20160805_151932_hdrThe Top 5 Posts by Views:

#5: 4 Things I’m Embarrassed to Share About Living with My Chinese In-Laws

I bared some of my “dirty laundry” in this post with some of the most embarrassing things about living with my Chinese in-laws. Such as how I’m in my thirties and still enjoy laundry assistance from my mother-in-law whenever we stay at her home in the countryside of Zhejiang Province. 😉

#4: Is Interracial Dating Easier for Asian Men in Non-English-Speaking Countries?

Inspired by a fan who e-mailed me, I explored this question in a post that got a lot of you reading — and commenting!

#3: 4 Hot Asian Male Athletes We’re Watching at the 2016 Olympics

Who doesn’t love a few hot Asian male athletes to make you go humanahumana? If you need a little eye candy, here’s your post.

#2: What a Trump Presidency Means for Interracial Couples

I don’t normally get political here on the blog. But these aren’t normal times.

#1: 5 Unhappy Things I’ve Struggled with as an Expat Married to a Foreigner

When you’re an expat married to a foreigner, it’s not all weekend jaunts to Bali or nights on the town.

img_20160818_203224My 5 Personal Favorites (In Order of Appearance in 2016):

“We’re Not Fighting, We’re Just Talking!” My Struggle with Cultural Differences in How People Talk in China

Growing up in the Cleveland, Ohio region, I learned pretty quickly that raising your voice was a sign of anger or disrespect. But in my husband’s rural Hangzhou village, people speak loudly all the time about normal, friendly things.

How Loving a “Foreign Enemy” (And Writing About It) Changes Lives

Inspired by our lawyer, who used to consider China the enemy before he came to know Jun and me.

What It Means to Support Your Husband’s Discrimination Lawsuit

I will always consider 2016 the year of the lawsuit (since we were knee deep in litigation and all of the pressure that comes with it). This photo essay captures the ups and downs of fighting for justice in the American legal system from a personal perspective.

An Open Letter to the Girl Whose Interracial Relationship Ended

Inspired by a friend whose heart was unexpectedly broken.

To the Girl Whose Boyfriend’s ¥8,000/Mo Salary “Wasn’t Enough”

My response to a conversation overheard in a restaurant had a LOT of you commenting.

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

What would you like to see me write about in 2017?

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3 thoughts on “My Best Posts on Speaking of China in 2016

  • December 29, 2016 at 11:51 am

    Thanks for sharing so many interesting and insightful and important posts throughout the year, Jocelyn!

    Wish you the best for 2017…

  • December 30, 2016 at 12:29 pm

    Happy New Year, Jocelyn! Here’s to many more great posts in 2017 🙂


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