Guest Post: I Love How This Young Chinese Man Treats My White American Daughter

Today, I’m sharing a short story a reader shared about her white American daughter Jessica, who she introduced to a lovely young Chinese man that has brought happiness to the both of them.

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My daughter Jessica is as American peaches and cream as you get, and James, who has been in the U.S. for two years, is shy, a little awkward, respectful, brilliant and just a bit goofy. He and my daughter share a love of cats, music, Volkswagen Beetles, and all things anime and “cute.” They text off and on all day and never run out of things to say.

Ordinarily I’d be a little reluctant to let my daughter, who is in her late teens, get close to someone four years older, but James is as innocent as she is (they’ve both never dated anyone before), and I got to know James pretty well over the past couple of years and actually introduced him to my daughter.

Right after I introduced them, a group of us went to dinner for my birthday. Jessica was very shy and withdrawn. And James, knowing that Jessica’s favorite music group is Owl City, arranged with the restaurant somehow to play only Owl City music the entire time. A couple of weeks ago he bought her Hello Kitty Converse shoes, and Jessica reciprocated by giving him no-bake cookies (which I got to make, since Jessica tends to burn things up when she cooks – LOL). Next came snacks from the Asian market that James determined were all “cute,” and banana bread (baked by me, of course) was Jessica’s next thank-you offering. I’ve told her it’s okay to accept these things from James as long as she remembers to show him kindness as well and not just accept gifts as her due.

I have no idea what will happen in the future, but I love this young man and how well he treats both me and my daughter.

I wish I could tell every young Chinese man out there, both in the U.S. and in China, not to give up hope; that there are, indeed, lovely young American women who think Chinese men are desirable and fun, girls who think these young men are exactly what a man should be. Girls who are wise enough to look at a person’s heart and character instead.

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4 Replies to “Guest Post: I Love How This Young Chinese Man Treats My White American Daughter”

  1. This kind article left an interesting point – that although Asian boys may not be the ultimate sex symbol to white girls, they may represent the image of an ideal son in law. So start making good impressions on her dad!

    1. Nope.The mother.Most white families tend to look up to their mother more than the father.She is the one who need to be swayed not the father.

  2. I’m sorry I’m very confused about the way the article is written. Was it written in Chinese first then translated into English by a Chinese translator? The reason I say this is that very few white families would introduce boys to their daughters or vice versa as white people don’t have arranged marriages as both white men and women are expected to find their own partner and do so without any parental help unlike Asian countries. By the time a white girl is in her mid teens she is usually dating especially once she’s reached her late teens and she wouldn’t be asking her parents permission to go dating or getting permission to date a certain guy not unless she had been brought up in a very strict family but many white people have left home by their late teens anyway to go to University so will be dating whoever they want. Also I’ve never met any white girls over the age of 8 that would wear converse shoes with hello kitty on them (not unless they have learning disabilities). A girl in her late teens wearing shoes like that would look odd. Also if her boyfriend is only 4 years older than her and she’s already in her late teens then it’s not a big age gap. Lots of relationships have this type of age gap. Unless this is a strict religious family that are bringing their children up in a very sheltered way then everything just sounds rather odd? I’m a white person so understand white culture very well. If this article was written about an Asian couple and Asian culture I could fully understand but as I say the article sounds odd to me if it’s about a white family.

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