Wanted: Talented Men/Women in AMWF Couples to Interview Here

Jess Meider
I featured Jess Meider last month right here on this blog — and I’m looking for more talented folks to interview here.

The more I’ve come to know the AMWF community here in China and beyond, the more I’ve realized that, truly, we’ve got talent in more ways than one. Singer songwriters, musicians, entrepreneurs, actors, artists, dancers and much more. I’ve already featured a few talented folks here (such as Ember Swift and Jess Meider).

And that got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be fun to introduce more outstanding individuals in the community – inspiring men and women who just happen to be part of an AMWF couple?

If you’re talented and in an AMWF couple, or would like to recommend someone who fits that description, e-mail me today! If I choose to feature you on the blog, you’ll be interviewed by me and have the opportunity to promote your work here.

I look forward to hearing from you with your suggestions. In the meantime, here’s to our talented community!

P.S.: I also welcome guest posts to run on Fridays – and if you’ve been thinking about submitting something to my blog, it’s never been a better time. I have a lot of openings in the next coming weeks. Check out the submit a post page for details on what I’m looking for.

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12 Replies to “Wanted: Talented Men/Women in AMWF Couples to Interview Here”

  1. We were talented dancers…once. But we’re not a good candidate, thanks to blogging under a pseudonym! However, if I spot any likely looking AMWF couples, I’ll send them your way.

    I expect I’ll discover them at the Redondo Beach Corner Bakery. 🙂

  2. What would be the definition of talented? I’m not famous or well known, but have been told multiple times that I am a good writer 🙂 Would that count or not?

    1. Thanks Sveta! Since I already provide writers with opportunities for promotion (writing guest posts or, if they have a book out, doing an interview) I thought I would widen the scope of people I feature on the blog. So I’m looking for people in the performing and visual arts, as well as entrepreneurs of all stripes (whether you have a big company or a tiny little shop on Etsy).

      Know you are always welcome to submit your posts here — I have really enjoyed publishing your writing here. And if you ever write a novel or a nonfiction book, I’ll be more than happy to interview you about it.

    1. Unbelievable performance! However, I have never seen such couples in any talent show in the US, and don’t expect to see any! Heck, I have not even seen AFWM couples equivalent to these two in any talent show in America. If there are any, please educate me!

    1. Hi Holly, that’s terrific you’re also a writer. As I mentioned to Sveta, you’re always welcome to write a guest post for me — and if you publish your novel, I’d be happy to interview you about it.

    1. Thank you! You and your wife have such a lovely blog with some fantastic articles. I’ve just added it to my blogroll! If you would ever like to share your how-we-met story or even write a relevant guest post for my blog, I’d definitely welcome your voice!

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