Memoirs of a Yangxifu: Most Popular Posts

Chinese husband and Western wife getting married in China
What were the most popular (or in some cases, embarrassing 😉 ) moments from Memoirs of a Yangxifu?

Memoirs of a Yangxifu was the story of love, cultural understanding and eventual marriage between one American woman from the city and one Chinese man from the countryside.

What were the top 10 most popular moments, by views?

  1. Chapter 72: Private Parts in China. An embarrassing afternoon of trying to get my — well, you know — checked out.
  2. Chapter 1: My Heart is Shut Away, My Chinese Boyfriend is Gone.  As I took a weekend trip, to escape the muggy summer heat and a painful breakup, little did I know I was heading towards my future husband.
  3. Chapter 8: John is my Chinese Boyfriend. The night by the West Lake, when John and I officially become a couple.
  4. Chapter 4: The Embarrassment of Love in China. Those first flirtations between John and I become fodder for laughter and jokes, especially among friends.
  5. Chapter 47: A Picture of My Chinese Boyfriend’s Family. Even as I shot a photo of John’s family during Chinese New Year, I still didn’t see have the entire picture of his family — until I showed them pictures of my own.
  6. Chapter 19: Only Mandarin-Speaking Foreigners Belong in China? Are Mandarin-speaking foreigners the only ones who can integrate into China? Or will foreigners always be foreigners no matter what (and stand apart from the crowd)? My European friend Camille posed the question to me one evening during a walk in Hangzhou.
  7. Chapter 58: China Marriage on My Mind. In Shanghai, my Chinese boyfriend and I were almost as close as husband and wife. All of the signs said we were headed to a wedding — so why did I have to ask?
  8. Chapter 13: Different Eggplant, Different Cultural Expectations. One day, you wake up and smell the eggplant — and you discover you both smelled something different after all. At least, John and I did. 😉
  9. Chapter 16: Foreign Girlfriend or Fascinating Moonlight Tale? Chang’e was banished to the moon because she asked too much out of her husband. Was I asking too much, to be the foreign girlfriend of John?
  10. Chapter 2: My Chinese Matchmaker, Caroline. Behind Caroline’s reticence was a matchmaker, determined to bring me and John together.

A special thank you to my readers, whether you’ve followed from Chapter 1 or just begun. Without you, this list — and endeavor — wouldn’t be possible. 🙂


Memoirs of a Yangxifu in China is the story of love, cultural understanding and eventual marriage between one American woman from the city and one Chinese man from the countryside. To read the full series to date, you can start at Chapter 1, or browse the Memoirs of a Yangxifu archives.

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